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Newsletter December 2011


Greek Ports: An Attractive Base for Cruising
With the abolition of cabotage, global cruise companies can be attracted to home base in Greece, one of the world’s most attractive cruise locations.

Deputy Development, Competitiveness and Shipping Minister Adonis Georgiadis, while attending an international cruising forum held in Istanbul on December 5-7, has invited cruise lines to make Greek ports and harbours their home base.

Minister Georgiadis stressed that Greece had taken steps to make itself an attractive base for cruising, following the complete abolition of cabotage in Greek seas.

"Greece's message to cruise companies is extremely candid and clear: come to Greece for jobs, making our ports 'home porting.' And in this direction we have already fully abolished cabotage and will cooperate so that Greece becomes the number one tourism destination for cruises," he said.

Mr. Georgiadis also had meetings with representatives of cruise lines, who outlined the problems and obstacles that had so far deterred them from developing home porting in Greece. They also presented their plans to extend the cruise season to winter months and to link the Mediterranean with the Black Sea in cooperation with Turkey.

December 11, 2011

Aeolics Exceed 1,600 ΜW
Aeolic parks in operation in October 2011 recorded an increase of 18.5% since the beginning of the year, surpassing 1,600 MW, according to the figures of the Greek Wind Energy Association (ELETAEN). Specifically, wind generators reached 1621.27 MW (1340.25 in mainland Greece and 281.02 in non-interconnected islands) and another 155.1 MW are under construction and expected to be operational by the end of the year or early 2012. Central Greece remains at the top of installations, with 537 MW, followed by the Peloponnese (267) and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace (241 MW). According to ELETAEN, businesses with the most wind megawatts in Greece are the French EDF (298.2 MW), the Spanish Iberdrola Rokas (246.9 MW), TERNA (211.5 MW), the Italian ENEL (171.4 MW) and Ellaktor (127.05 MW). The manufacturers of wind generators installed in the country are the Danish Vestas (market share 51%), the German Enercon (27.7%), the Spanish Gamesa (25.2%) and the Danish Nordex (4.7 %).

Greek Wind Energy Association (ELETAEN)

Waste Management in the Attica Region
The Greek Government, in collaboration with the Region of Attica, has begun the process for an international public tender for a contractor for treatment and waste management in Attica. The complex nature and the urgency of the project, in combination with the continuous development of technological data in waste management, require public consultation on this project with all interested parties to establish a framework for the tendering process with conditions of absolute transparency ensuring fair competition .

Energy Daily News

Positive on Pipeline
Greek foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras said on December 8 that Athens continues to back the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline project, considering that it is an important energy plan for Europe that would relieve traffic through the Bosphorus Straits.
He said that there had not yet been any official notification from the Bulgarian side about its decision to pull out of the planned pipeline, expressing hope that it could continue. Mr. Delavekouras said that the pipeline was discussed during a recent meeting between Foreign Minister Stavros Dimas and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Vilnius, with both sides expressing their continued dedication to completing the project.

December 9, 2011

Tourist Arrivals Up Sharply
Greece experienced a 10% increase in travel spending by non-residents between January – October, 2011, reaching 10.168 billion Euros versus 9.246 billion Euros for the previous year. According to the Bank of Greece, during the first ten months of 2011 arrivals of non-resident travelers grew at an average annual rate of 10.2%.

There is also a significant increase of 15% in travel spending recorded in Greece by non-residents in October, and this year reached 854.9 million Euros, compared with 743.5 million in 2010.