Геотермальная энергия

Использование разнообразных источников энергии является первоочерёдной задачей правительственной политики в сфере энергетики и инвестиций.

A Green Opportunity

Drawing on diverse sources of energy is at the core of the Greek government’s investment and energy policy. Renewable energy sources (RES) play a major role in the country’s evolving energy make-up and geothermal is set to be central to a number of important applications. Because Greece is rich in geothermal resources, investors will find numerous opportunities, whether in electricity generation, commercial applications, or agricultural uses.

Greece lies in a geographic position that is favorable to geothermal resources, both high temperature and low temperature. High temperature resources, suitable for power generation coupled with heating and cooling, are found at depths of 1-2 kilometres on the Aegean islands of Milos, Santorini, and Nisyros. Other locations that are promising at depths of 2-3 kilomteres are on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, and Samothraki as well as the basins of Central-Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Low temperature geothermal resources are found at the plains of Macedonia-Thrace and in the vicinity of each of the 56 hot springs found in Greece. These areas include Loutra-Samothrakis, Lesvos, Chios, Alexandroupolis, Serres, Thermopyles, Chalkidiki, and many others.

Low temperature geothermal applications include space heating and in agricultural uses (greenhouse heating, the drying of fruits and vegetables, aquaculture and seawater desalination, and in spas), providing an ideal synergy with other widespread commercial ventures in Greece.

As technological advances allow for the exploitation of lower temperature geothermal resources, found at just a few metres below the ground surface, the heating and cooling of water for domestic use, for instance, becomes highly viable and attractive. Such applications lessen reliance of non-RES resources, are highly reliable and cost effective, and emit far less carbon dioxide.

Advantages of Investing in Geothermal
•A wealth of geothermal resources
•Emerging market—substantial entry-stage opportunities
•High feed in tariffs
•Wide variety of synergistic applications

Current Feed in Tariffs


 Interconnected System

 Non-interconnected Islands

 Geothermal Energy 
 low enthalpy
 Geothermal Energy 
 high enthalpy

The abundant and cost-effective geothermal resources in Greece are being used in spas, greenhouses, and the drying of fruits and vegetables. And the widespread use of geothermal heat pumps is becoming a booming market.

Today, geothermal resources in Greece are used primarily for greenhouse heating and in spas and generate thermal power of approximately 70MWth.

Use in Buildings
At the spas of Traianoupolis, near the northern city of Alexandroupolis, geothermal resources provide heat for a 4-building complex that includes accommodations and spa facilities. The geothermal space heating system includes production and reinjection wells, a central heat exchanger, subsurface heat transmission pipes, and floor heating. At the high school of Therma Xanthis, also in northern Greece, classrooms are heated by drawing heat from nearby thermal springs. 

Agricultural Applications
Geothermal energy is ideal for the heating of greenhouses and agricultural soil, providing prime thermal conditions for rapid growth and increased crop yields at a low cost. The use of geothermal energy is widespread in the prefectures of Serres, Thessaloniki, and Xanthi, as well as on the island of Lesvos, where there is 32 MW (th) total installed power.

Other applications enjoying success with geothermal energy include the production of green-blue algae spirulina, in the fish farms of Porto Lagos, and in drying tomatoes.

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ground source heat pumps, which use a buried ground loop to transfer heat from the ground into a building to provide space heating, and in some cases hot water, have become a booming market in Greece.

Greece’s Investment Incentives Law governs the terms and conditions of direct investment in Greece and provides for incentives, available to domestic and foreign investors, dependent on the sector and the location of the investment. In February, 2011, the New Investment Law that introduces new values, new procedures and new financing tools, was voted on and passed by the Greek Parliament. Greece’s new Investment Incentives Law creates an outward-looking investment environment.
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Business, naturally
Greece is the natural investment destination for businesspeople who want to be at the heart of the fastest growing region in Europe. The emerging regional market of 140 million consumers in Southeast Europe has a cumulative GDP of almost 1 trillion Euro. As the economic engine of the region and the only Eurozone member, Greece has a stable economic and political environment, has instituted significant reforms that are driving investment activity, has a highly knowledgeable and highly productive workforce, and has created a business-conducive environment, fueling strong growth. Greece’s economy has been one of the best performers in the Eurozone and continues to outperform the EU average. Many multinational companies choose Greece as their headquarters for Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. With one of the most attractive lifestyles in the world, Greece is a spectacular location to live, work, and play.

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