About us

Greece is changing and it is changing fast. More important, it is on the verge of a significant growth path, as the economy becomes more open and based on Foreign Direct Investment and Export Trade. 

Businesses around the world are in a position to benefit from an environment that welcomes new enterprise, fully supports investment, and promotes Greek products and services to a global marketplace.

Just as Greece has changed substantially in recent years, we too have made changes to respond to new market forces, best practices, and a more competitive global environment.

In line with forward looking economies the world over, the establishment of Enterprise Greece, which is the enlargement of Invest in Greece S.A.—incorporating, among others, the mandate of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board— reflects our commitment to serve investors and business partners with a unified, outward-looking body.

Enterprise Greece is designed to promote and support Greece’s substantial investment opportunities and to engage the global business community with first-class export products—goods and services made in Greece.

Our united effort also allows us to more effectively promote entrepreneurship in Greece, boost trade efforts to global buyers, and more successfully encourage more holistic business partnerships.

Greece today is on the move.

New energy sources and pipelines are altering our energy equation. The worldwide popularity of the Mediterranean diet is generating an innovative second-generation food and beverage industry. Our rapidly developing mobile-tech and high-tech industries are attracting global attention. Our tourism industry is a recognized international leader. And diverse sectors such as minerals, biotech, and environmental management continue to offer broad investment and trade opportunities.

We welcome you to learn about Enterprise Greece. How we can assist you to learn more about our export potential, our investment environment. How you can benefit from our key location, knowledge driven economy, and business friendly approach. How you can be part of our growth toward a sustainable economy that provides opportunity for business success.

Welcome to Enterprise Greece.