A Stakeholder Network

Enterprise Greece believes stakeholders are key to developing long-lasting business relationships, whether at home or globally and therefore considers stakeholder engagement a business function central to its corporate strategy. Enterprise Greece believes that there is a clear correlation between stakeholder relationship quality and sustainable, long-term value and corporate reputation. The established stakeholder networks continue to be integral for Enterprise Greece to provide a better level of service to investors. Investors benefit from these relationships, either in the form of enhanced investor care at the regional level or a quick turn-around in providing information to the investor.

For a more detailed account and understanding of the organisation’s stakeholder network and activities as they relate to investor needs, please refer to the stakeholder network. 

Enterprise Greece works closely or partners with a variety of international and regional bodies and Investment Promotion Agencies. This has broadened horizons for the organisation to expand its exposure and provide opportunities for transfer of know-how and an exchange of information. 
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Local with a Global Reach
On a national level, Enterprise Greece collaborates closely with ministries, federations of industries, foreign embassies in Greece, Greece’s embassies abroad, bilateral chambers of commerce, and NGOs , all of which are considered an integral part of its stakeholders mix. They provide valuable insight on private sector trends and investor response to investment related matters in Greece.     
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Regional Greece 
Enterprise Greece has built a comprehensive network of partners in Greece designed to a) collect information on sectors that show significant growth opportunities, and b) promote such opportunities to the international business community. Enterprise Greece cooperates closely with government bodies, business associations, chambers of commerce and industry, universities, technological parks and other stakeholder groups to implement outreach activities that promote Greece’s regions abroad.
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Enterprise Greece, to strengthen bilateral investment relations and develop reciprocal business cooperation with other organizations, signs Memoranda of Understanding or Memoranda of Intent.
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