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Newsletter February 2010


One of the largest solar parks in Greece was launched February 1, 2009 in the northern region of Kilkis at Megali Sterna

BP Solar completed the installation for Sunergy SA, one of the first companies to operate photovoltaic plants in Greece with a high output. It is the third project that BP Solar and Sunergy complete together.

Producing energy from renewable sources is one of the key priorities of the Greek government as it transitions to a green economy. The new park will save approximately 1400 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and offset that equals 1500 hectares of forest.

BP Solar used 5,724 BP solar mono-crystalline Mono4 series panels to complete the park. Their installation was completed with the use of aluminum frames, placed in special stake type bases that were placed on the ground, limiting the use of concrete. For the energy transformation the REFUSOL solar inverters heve been chosen, provided by the Germany's REFU Elektronik GmbH. REFUSOL achieves an impressive grade of efficiency, over a wide input voltage range, with a high innovative circuit topology.

Mr. Darios Dimitriou, Commercial Sales Manager for BP Solar said: "We are happy that Sunergy S.A., appreciating its previous experience of cooperating with BP Solar, trusted us with their new project in Megali Sterna area, which is considerably larger than the previous ones. The project was completed by Sunergy following all time schedules and without any problem. The technological innovations, like the ease of placing the panels at their bases and the joining of the electrical connectors, made the installation work considerably easier and contributed to limiting the necessary time for its completion."

BP Solar, part of BP Alternative Energy, is a global company with about 2,200 employees. BP Solar designs, manufactures and markets products which use the sun's energy to generate electricity for use in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. BP Solar is one of the world's leading solar companies, having manufacturing plants in: Xi’an, China; Bangalore, India; and Frederick, MD, USA. BP Solar invests more than $10M annually in photovoltaic research and development.