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Newsletter February 2010


A Vital Life Sciences Cluster

Life Sciences, one of the most exciting and promising areas of scientific development today, is a vital component of a country’s medical infrastructure.

In Greece, the Life Sciences industry is enhancing its role in long-term medical progress by joining forces in being part of the Hellenic Bio Cluster (, a collaborative initiative created in 2004 that is comprised of companies and research institutes in the pharma, diagnostics, and medical technology sectors.

The members of HBio, knowledge intensive and outward looking, maintain a dynamic R&D programme and establish international collaborations, enabling them to keep their cutting edge positions in this fast moving field.

Key goals of the Hellenic Bio Cluster are to promote the Hellenic Life Sciences sector and support international partnerships in both commercial and research activity.

The stated objectives of HBio are:
• Support Greek companies active in the field of Life Sciences
• Comprise an official body representing the Life Sciences Industry in Greece
• Boost the development of the Greek Life Sciences business sector
• Increase international visibility of Greek Life Science companies
• Facilitate & accelerate technology transfer between industry and academia in Greece
• Promote international business & research cooperation between Greek & foreign corporate players and researchers
• Boost the creation of biotech start-ups

Behind the development of HBio is the PRAXI/ HELP-FORWARD Network ( one of Greece’s leading Technology Transfer organisations. In addition to the commercial members of HBio (see list below) are three of the nation’s most preeminent research organisations: Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, BSRC Alexander Fleming, and Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens. The synergies created through the academia/private sector interaction significantly bolster innovation, the heart of development in this critical area.

Members of the Hellenic Bio Cluster:
BioAnalytica - Genotype S.A.
BioEngineering RTD

Center for Genetic Research & Analyses S.A.
Biomedcode Hellas SA
BioMedica Life Sciences S.A.
BioRP, Hellenic Radiopharmaceuticals S.A.
Cambridge Biomagnetics Ltd.
Eldrug S.A.
Embio Diagnostics LTD (CY)
Estelle Enterprises Limited (CY)
Forth Photonics
InnoVision Ltd - Spin-off 

IRC Help-Forward / FORTH
Micrel Medical Devices
Regulon S.A.