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Newsletter May 2010


Without a doubt, Greece is faced with severe challenges as it navigates the turbulence of today’s environment. And although the hurdles are many, we are confident that the Greek government, and the Greek people, are prepared to overcome the obstacles that we confront.

Today’s difficulties are being met with a sense of realism and responsibility by the Greek government. Indeed, it is a time to proceed with deep structural reforms resulting in a more healthy, competitive, and productive economy.

At the same time, the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping is instituting a sweeping package of new initiatives that address the underlying needs of Greek entrepreneurs, business people, and investors. At the heart of these initiatives is the necessity to streamline every phase of setting up and operating a business in Greece, so that productive investments proceed unhindered and with the full support of the State.

Soon, a new Investment Incentives Law will be introduced that will offer a comprehensive and attractive framework for investment in sectors that provide unquestionable benefits. Greece is advancing toward a Green path of development that will deliver returns for years to come.

Renewable energy sources, cleantech, tourism, food and beverage, and innovative technology will lead Greece into an economic landscape that embraces the industries of tomorrow and the needs of the next generation.

Savvy investors who recognize the opportunity within today’s challenging environment will be rewarded with a leading position in the new Greece of tomorrow, a Greece that will flourish, will prosper, and will thrive.


Christos Alexakis
Invest in Greece Agency