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Newsletter May 2010


New York Film Academy Eyes Greece

The Academic Dean of The New York Film Academy, Elli Ventouras-Onaldin, discusses why the prestigious NY-based film school is eying the Greek market.

Are you considering Greece as a location to offer your courses?

We are investigating the possibility of offering our short-term summer programs in Greece. We are also looking into the possibility of partnering with Institutions in Greece to offer filmmaking and acting study abroad programmes to Greek College students.

Why do you think Greece is an attractive market?

I have been approached by many students who come to our offices in NY and have asked why we do not offer a programme in Greece.

I think that now with so many new television channels and opportunities in Greece, filmmaking and acting are becoming more obtainable careers than they were before.

There are many television productions happening all around Greece. There has been a request for us to offer Music Video classes from a Music Producer because there is a need for Music Video directors and there is a need for commercial directors.

Filmmaking is not only learning how to be a motion picture director, there are many different avenues that one can point their career in, once they have the proper tools. I also feel that there is now a need for new product in Greece and there is more of an opportunity now than ever before.

What kind of programmes does the New York Film Academy offer?

The New York Film Academy is considered the best hands-on film school in the world by many of today's top filmmakers. The New York Film Academy was founded on the philosophy that "learning by doing" combined with best industry practices is more valuable than years of theoretical study for filmmakers and actors. This educational model allows students to achieve more in less time than at all other acting and film schools in the world.  We offer Two-Year Accelerated Master of Fine Arts Programmes in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Screenwriting, Documentary Filmmaking, Producing and Photography. Three-year accelerated Bachelor of Arts degrees are offered in Filmmaking or Acting for Film, and one and two-year Conservatory programmes are offered in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Screenwriting, Animation, Musical Theatre, Dance, Documentary Filmmaking, and Producing.

Monthly workshops are offered in NYC, LA, and Abu Dhabi. Summer workshops for adults are offered at Harvard University, Yale University, and Disney Studios; in Europe, at La Fémis in Paris, France; at Cinecittà in Rome, and Florence, Italy; and in London, England. Summer High School programmes are offered at all of these locations except Abu Dhabi.

What skills do students learn and develop at NYFA?

We teach the art and craft of filmmaking through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on film workshops, and immediate directing experience. Students are behind the camera from the first day of class. Students will learn about and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that directors face. NYFA students write, shoot, direct, produce and edit their own short or feature length films starting from their first day of classes during intensive short-term workshops and accelerated one and two-year degree programmes. In addition to writing, producing,directing, and editing their own films, students assist other members of their crews in the roles of director of photography, assistant cameraperson, and gaffer/grip, providing everyone with extensive set experience. Ultimately, through intensive hands-on instruction, our goal is to empower students to artfully, cinematically, and originally tell stories.

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