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Newsletter May 2010


Port of Patras Plans to Invest 10 Million Euro in State-of-the-Art Aquarium

The Prefectural Administration of Achaea has released its plans to build a state-of-the-art aquarium in the Port of Patras. The Prefecture hopes to boost tourist interest in the region and promote creative, value-added development in currently unused sections of the Patras Port.

The Achaea Prefect, Dimitris Katsikopoulos recently submitted a formal proposal to the Economy, Competitiveness, and Shipping Minister, Louka Katseli outlining the idea.  Minister Katseli responded favourably to the proposal and pledged her assistance with the realisation and promotion of this ambitious and potentially lucrative project.

Authorities in Patras estimate that the current cost of the project could reach around 10 million Euro, based on the costs for a recent aquarium constructed in Heraklion, Crete.  However, the investment could bring a significant amount of revenue into Patras and help revitalize an important part of the city.  The proposed waterfront aquarium will be placed under the Auspices of the Port Authority of Patras and located adjacent to the Nautical Club Swimming Pool.  To finance the project, officials in Achaea have submitted a proposal to the Tourism Funding Program, which is responsible for such projects throughout Western Greece. 

The call to build an aquarium comes amidst a projected global tourism spike in 2010 and a national push towards high-quality, value-added tourist products that showcase the Greek identity and Greek brand.  The Patras aquarium will draw upon the long nautical history of Greece and the rich biodiversity of the Mediterranean to provide a uniquely Greek tourist experience in one of the country’s major cities.  The Greek government hopes that the successful implementation of this project will spur similar projects in Patras and throughout the country.

Negotiations and studies for the Patras Aquarium are underway and more details will be released when available.