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Newsletter October 2010


Greece’s Legislative Investment Framework is a key factor in creating an attractive, inviting, and successful environment for the international investment community.

Recently, an important bill of the Ministry of State, "Acceleration and transparency of implementation of Strategic Investments" has been submitted for Parliamentary review and is expected to become legislation soon.

This bill provides for a rapid implementation process of key investments, those that create a substantial number of jobs, develop Greece’s R&D infrastructure, fall within the priority sectors of the Greek government, or are major projects.

The new law abolishes a number of hurdles that have hindered investors in the past and is an important step in creating Greece’s New Investment Era.

It is seen as a precursor to a long-term investment framework and strategic plan that welcomes businesspeople to develop a wide range of projects throughout Greece.

The Acceleration bill is an especially important tool for investments in the vital areas of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), major tourism complexes such as integrated resorts, and in promoting the intellectual capital in Greece by supporting research and development, so that new products can reach the marketplace from the laboratory without delay.

Invest in Greece will provide the global investment community with updates on the new bill and, as the organization in Greece responsible for its implementation, will assist investors at every stage of their investment process.


Christos Alexakis
Invest in Greece Agency