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Newsletter October 2010


Port of Piraeus Concession Project

In developing its infrastructure, Greece is enacting a strategic, long-term, comprehensive policy that integrates transportation, leisure, hospitality, and commerce.

A key component of Greece’s economic growth and development policy centers around upgrading existing infrastructure in a way that produces added value in a variety of areas and that generates a multiplier effect. An exceptional example is the concession Project for the Port of Piraeus "Pagoda" Landmark.

Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) has announced an open tender for the concession of the non-operating, old Pagoda exhibition centre in Piraeus port. The purpose of the concession is to transform the four-floor exhibition centre into a luxury hotel. More specifically, the project entails the design, construction, development and operation of a modern five-star hotel complex for a period of thirty years that, under certain conditions, could be extended for five more years.

The current building, with its roof in the shape of a Pagoda, is located on a 13,000 sq.m. plot of land, which is part of the concession. The contractor may use part of the building as an office complex. The architectural form of the roof of the building is to be maintained, and the ground floor is to be converted into an arrivals hall that will serve cruise ship passengers, and which will be operated by PPA after the completion of the investment. The contractor will be in charge of the operation and maintenance of all the commercial activities on the ground floor.

Participation requirements:
The participants in this tender may be entities (individual or legal) or a group of entities that are residents in a Member State of the European Union, or in one of the European Economic Area’s Member States, or in a country which has concluded a bilateral agreement with the European Union related to procurement procedures. Participants must have proven experience in projects similar to that of this competition.

Submission deadline: 15/12/2010

Investment project key points:
- Recent lifting of cabotage restrictions for cruise ships, along with new development projects to increase the cruise capacity of the port, will transform Piraeus to a Home Port for cruises, servicing more than 1.4 mn cruise passengers annually.
- This will be the first 5-star hotel in Piraeus.
- Piraeus is the largest port in Greece, handling more than 20mn passengers annually.
- A recent agreement with COSCO creates new business prospects for the entire region.
- The building is located in the port of Piraeus and will serve passengers travelling from and to Piraeus.
- The “Pagoda” building is a landmark in the city of Piraeus.
- It is located close to the new Exhibition and Convention Centre, adjacent to the new monorail that will serve the port, and it is next to St. Nicholas Square underground car park station, with 727 parking places.

Important Notice: This document is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for the official tender documents.

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