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Newsletter February 2011


As the newly appointed Executive Chairman of Invest in Greece Agency it is my great pleasure to extend warm greetings to our readers throughout the world.

I assume my duties at a crucial time for Greece, a time when investment will play a key role in changing the landscape of our country’s economic and growth map.

Today, Greece is instituting its most ambitious, radical, and comprehensive reforms in modern history and results have been both immediate and impressive. In less than a year, more than five percentage points have been trimmed from the deficit, a Herculean feat that demonstrates the resolve of the Greek government to achieve success, even in the face of a global economic crisis.

Concurrently, a host of new measures and legislation are transforming Greece’s investment landscape, simplifying the investment process, creating win-win incentives, and preparing the country for a path of sustainable and green growth.

Within a month, Greece has introduced a new Investment Incentives Law, Fast Track legislation to expedite strategic investments, a sweeping export programme, and a national branding campaign coordinating and integrating investment, tourism, and export initiatives.

A central focus of my duties at Invest in Greece will be to implement the new legislation "Acceleration and Transparent Implementation of Strategic Investment". This legislation is vital for the Greek economy, is important to catalyse growth in green tech, innovation, and R&D, and essential for investors, who now have a more streamlined, efficient, and responsive investment framework.

I personally welcome investors from around the world to discover a panorama of investment opportunities in a wide number of sectors: Tourism, Energy, IT and Innovation, Biotech, Environmental Applications and Waste Management and others.

Aristomenis (Aris) M. Syngros
Executive Chairman