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Newsletter February 2011


Towards a new Fast Track Investment Era

Dear Friends,

The legislation entitled "Acceleration and Transparent Implementation of Strategic Investment" that was recently voted in the Greek Parliament meets specific goals in a specific economic situation, which our country is now in.

The Government’s objective is simple: to provide a stable, transparent framework to investors wishing to invest in Greece- one in which investors’ plans shall move promptly and efficiently.

Fast Track is a new “Free Flow, High Speed Highway” for Private-Private or Public-Private investments.  It introduces an integrated set of rules, procedures and obligations of the State, attached to exclusive deadlines and deemed-approval mechanisms, within the principles and provisions of the EU regulations.

Fast Track is the Greek Government’s response to what has to date been known as “the cost of doing business in Greece”.

Greece is committed to moving forward and offering the international business community a stable, efficient and transparent procedural framework to remove legitimate concerns that investors have had in the past.

I welcome you to the new “fast track” investment era.

Haris Pamboukis
Minister of State