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Newsletter April 2011


Greece is proceeding with radical reform at multiple levels, setting the targets to reduce the state deficit and debt, and to upgrade the public services. Greece is opening up closed professions, introducing a new green growth model, and a new investment framework that is simple, open, and transparent. 

Key to Greece’s new investment framework is the necessity to have an investment process that is both efficient and speedy. At Invest in Greece we recognise and understand the crucial importance of a process that moves rapidly, is expeditious, and responds immediately to the needs and concerns of investors.

We have incorporated strict timeframes within the investment process that dramatically reduces the processing time of investment applications, that holds local and state authorities accountable for stringent implementation of the licensing procedure, and provides investors with the information and assistance they need in a timely and prompt fashion.

One example of Greece’s commitment to facilitate doing business is the recent launch and presentation of the one-stop shop for setting up a new business in one day. This strategic initiative is designed to eliminate the bureaucratic obstacles that have operated as counterincentives to doing business and to welcome new business start-ups and unleash entrepreneurial potential.

Along with Greece’s new Investment Incentives Law and Fast Track legislation, our commitment to a speedy investment procedure is another positive step in ensuring that investors from around the world enjoy a business-friendly environment that serves all their needs.

Aristomenis (Aris) M. Syngros
Executive Chairman