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Newsletter April 2011


A New Wind Tower

WRE Hellas SA, a pioneer in the Greek RES market, has just launched its third wind park in Greece, on the island of Kos.

In the center of Athens, Boreas, Kaikias, Eurus, Apeliotes, Notus, Livas, Zephyrus, Skiron—the eight wind divinities—are depicted on the marble frieze of the ancient 12m tall octagonal Tower of the Winds in the Agora. The monument was equipped with sundials, a water clock and a wind vane on top. It most probably functioned as a kind of clock tower for the citizens of Athens.

According to Thorsten H. Kerner, COO at WRE Hellas S.A., today’s Tower of the Winds looks a lot different and its purpose is not to reflect the course of the day but to produce energy in an environmentally friendly way. Green energy or green tech are the keywords of today and many see green energy as one of the potential saviors of the Greek economy. WRE Hellas SA, which started developing renewable energy projects many years ago, was founded by European Solar Prize laureate Victoria Alexandratou. In its 14th year of operation WRE Hellas SA is one of the oldest companies in its business and possesses a vast know-how and knowledge of the Greek renewable energies market. The WRE group focuses on the development of wind and photovoltaic parks. With projects of approximately 100mW in different phases of the licensing procedure the company will steadily increase its market share within the next five years.

The Greek market, with its natural conditions and a mature feed in tariff system, is probably one of the most interesting RES locations in Europe.—Thorsten H. Kerner, COO at WRE Hellas S.A..

Past infrastructure problems and an unnecessary bureaucracy are recognised by the government, which is committed to administrative reform as well as a number of new legislative efforts to simplify the authorisation procedure and to provide attractive incentives to investors.

At the end of February 2011, after a construction period of 15 months, the WRE Group’s third wind park, developed by its subsidiary Dodekanisos Aioliki AE, began operating commercially on the island of Kos. Five ENERCON wind energy converters are expected to provide an annual energy production of up to 14,000,000 kWh, which equals the electric energy need of approximately 3,000 four-person households. The new wind park, with state-of-the-art turbines, can add a substantial contribution to the energy stability of the island group that suffers from severe supply impediment every summer.

Earth and infrastructure works, access roads, internal roads, platforms, ducts and drainage works were carried out by a local construction company, whereas the new mid-voltage connection line was built by the local Public Power Corporation. The wind turbines were delivered in August 2010 by ENERCON’s brand new E-Ship 1.