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Newsletter April 2011


Mobylla Launches Subsidiary in Greece

Payam Moini Tabatabai, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mobylla, discusses the entrance of this enterprise mobile solutions provider into the Greek market.

Please provide us with a brief overview of Mobylla.

Mobylla was founded in the UK and then expanded to Belgium. Recently we established another subsidiary in Athens.

Mobylla is the leading expert in enterprise mobility solutions recognised for its high level of performance in delivering enterprise mobile solutions and services to different sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, government and many others, with more than 10 years experience in the field.

Mobylla’s aim is to deliver state of the art, vendor-agnostic solutions in enterprise mobile office and workforce solutions, mobile device and data management and security, fully compatible with most of the industry platforms, networks and devices.

Our strong point is our extensive expertise in new systems implementation and applications development for the enterprise resources mobilisation.

Mobile is becoming a key component of the IT infrastructure, especially for enterprise.  How important is it for companies to embrace mobile apps today?

There is no doubt that the future is all about ubiquitous connectivity, which enables mobile workers. More and more smartphones and other mobile devices invade companies mostly without any plan or security policies, instead of adopting those new technologies.

In fact, embracing mobility and mobile applications should be envisioned by all companies. Nowadays, the only risk is to ignore and resist in mobilising business processes due to the high competition in the markets. Imagine the disadvantage of a business when the competitor practically is always ready to respond to clients’ needs no matter the time or place and technology he uses.

You have recently established a subsidiary in Greece. What prompted you to select Greece?

Greece is located in a strategic crossroad in East-South of Europe and because of that it is easy to have access to the Balkan countries and further more to West Asia and North African countries. For us Greece is the perfect location for our expansion plan to establish our regional headquarters for BMEA in the area. Furthermore, Greece retains a long history with investments in the wider area and those relations are very important in our effort to approach not only the Greek companies in the region but also other companies in the Balkan Market.

What benefits do you expect in the Greek market and, based on your short time here to date, what are your impressions and expectations?

In my opinion our biggest benefit is the way we see things for this Market. Mobility is something separate and not just an extension to the current companies’ business applications and this changes the perspective. Most of the applications will have to be rewritten to be compliant with the new mobile reality, and all new applications will be first designed as “mobile”. The way we used to work is not competitive anymore. Companies are forced to put in place a new policy framework for mobility in order to become more productive, efficient and at the same time radically reduce their costs. Having that in mind we decided to come to Greece where we believe the market is ready for this transition towards state of the art technologies like the ones that we implement to our customers.

To be honest it was quite a challenge for Mobylla to come to Greece in the current global economic crisis but also an opportunity to prove the multiple values of our solutions to the companies and help them to become more competitive in this hard environment.

Tell us a little about your Greek operations and how you hope it will assist your company’s expansion plans.

The official launch of Mobylla Hellas took place during the 1st Infocom Apps Conference, on February the 2nd 2011, at Divani Caravel hotel.

It took us only a few weeks to realise that Greek market is easily adopting innovation.

Our solutions and our presence were welcome both by customers as well as the market and has already enabled us to discuss partnership opportunities, complementing with mobility the portfolio of solutions of renamed Greek integrators.

Payam MOINI TABATABAI is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of MOBYLLA. Payam brings a successful 14 years of professional experience. He is responsible for the company's vision, strategy, development and building the global leadership team.

Prior to setting up MOBYLLA, Payam was with Phrywave, a wireless service provider, at its corporate headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. He has been working as an expert in mobile technologies for more than 10 years. Payam started his career in Brussels where he worked with various reputed companies. Some of his significant achievements include his involvement in the development of one of the first Net Banking Systems; building a Pilot System for ASLK Bank in Belgium. In 2000, Payam was hired by SignOn a global IT Software Development firm to develop the business outside the Scandinavian Countries. Payam has a strong management and technology background and several certifications.

Payam left Iran when he was 12, has grown up and finished school in Belgium. Payam’s academic background includes 2 Doctorate degrees in Computer Sciences and Electronics from Brussels University, Belgium and Oxford University, UK, an MBA in Global Management from BA College, UK and several courses including Entrepreneurial Strategies for Innovation and Growth, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Technological Certifications.

Outside professional life, he enjoys networking - connecting with people, reading business and technology journals, listening to music, and as a former football player and car racing pilot, he watches sports on TV such as football, F1. Payam has 2 daughters.