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Newsletter July 2011


Investor Reaction Positive

As Greece introduces a raft of new measures to facilitate investment, many businesspeople are taking notice.

Despite media claims to the contrary, Greece’s investment framework is rapidly reducing bureaucratic obstacles, Invest in Greece is proactively supporting investors and their projects throughout the country, and red tape is being constantly cut—all to the benefit of insightful businesspeople who recognise that Greece offers superb opportunities.

The number of letters of appreciation that acknowledge the role of Invest in Greece is significant. We present a few extracts of letters to CEO Christos Alexakis that demonstrate the vital role the Agency plays and the dynamic interaction Invest in Greece has with each investment project in the country.

Property Development
“I would like to thank you and Invest in Greece for the continuous support in our projects in Greece. Specifically in Galatsi where we were able last month to agree with Olympic Properties some important agreements/amendments to the contract signed in 2005 which should allow us to continue pursuing this investment. Although we cannot start the project immediately as we are missing important developments, we consider this to be one step in the right direction and hope to be able to continue our efforts for this important investment in Greece.”
Sonae Sierra, Tiago Eiro, General Manager Sierra Development Greece SA

Solar Power
“Recently the production license was issued by RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) for the innovative Solar thermal Station German investors are developing through SOLAR POWER PLANT in Crete, whom we represent. The issuance of the license reflects the results of your efforts as well, and speeds on an innovative foreign investment of about 250 million Euros. Your contribution, and of Invest in Greece executives, was decisive and I would like to express my personal thanks as well as on behalf of the Management of the German company.”
S.K. AEGIS, Spyros Kyriakopoulos, Founder

“We would like to thank you for your continuous support in promoting the investment of our company in Thrace. Thracian Gold Mining is owned by the Canadian gold producing company Eldorado Gold Corporation. In Greece it is active in the development of the Perama Gold mine in Evros, an investment of 150 million Euros. Eldorado Gold Corporation, at this present moment, in the midst of the economic crisis we are facing, shows that it trusts our country and promotes investments here. The support of Invest in Greece for our investments in Greece is invaluable.”
Thracian Gold Mining SA, George Markopoulos, General Manager

High Tech
“We would like to thank you for the continuous efforts of you personally and of your associates so that our investment (which has been at a stalemate for four years, was set free from deep bureaucracy) can be today at the phase of implementation. With your catalytic presence the high quality human force of Invest in Greece has fulfilled its role and its mission.”
Kittiwake, Vasilios Tyronalas

Wind Energy
“I wish to thank you personally and the whole team of Invest in Greece for your constant support, especially in the last year. You facilitated us with the communication with various authorities with efficiency and a strong wish to ease the way for the investor.”
Global Wind Energy, Raphael Eyal, Managing Director

Solar Energy
“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Invest in Greece for its substantial contribution to the rapid acceleration of the development progress of our investment in Greece. Furthermore, we would like to stress that your organisation, among other State Organisations and Ministries, played a decisive role in the positive outcome of our company’s investment plans (nine Photovolatic Parks) in Greece.”
SunPower Corporation, Yoram Amiga, President, UPP International

“We would like to thank Invest in Greece Agency and you personally for your valuable support in solving licensing problems of our energy investment plans which we had been facing since 2007.”
SunPower Corporation, Stelios Bounakis, Country Manager

Renewable Energy
“We would like to thank you for your contribution in the promotion of investments in this extremely difficult (and bureaucratic) environment of our country.”
EEN Hellas SA, George Fakidis, CEO