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Newsletter October 2011


Invest in Greece at MEDACITY FORUM 2011

Invest in Greece was featured at the regional forum through its innovative Synergassia programme.

The 3rd MEDITERRANEAN CITY ECONOMIC FORUM – MEDA CITY 2011 was held in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 12-13, 2011. The forum, organised by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean (ASCAME) and the Municipality of Beirut, with the collaboration of ANIMA, was held in the framework of the Invest in Med programme.

Invest in Greece participated in the regional event through its highly innovative and successful Synergassia programme.
The two editions of MEDA City Forum that were held in November 2009 and 2010 in Barcelona, have demonstrated that the commitment to create a platform for meeting, discussion, reflection and business in order to analyse the challenges and opportunities of Mediterranean cities is necessary for the region. 

Cities are the engine of economic development, a nation's primary source of jobs and wealth creation; they produce goods and provide services that generate economic opportunities for the whole country.  Today, 50% of the world's population lives in cities.
This forum once again offered a space for dialogue, collaboration and partnership among the key actors that contribute to the growth of the Mediterranean cities. 

Subjects discussed were: Mediterranean cities - the city of tomorrow, new challenges; new strategic vision; Mediterranean Green Cities and Economic growth; City Utilities Management; Mediterranean knowledge and innovation cities; Mediterranean Cities moving: mobility and urban strategy.
The forum included a conference, B2B meetings and the MedAcademy - Local Investment Promotion Seminar.
After years of capacity-building efforts intended mainly for national organisations, ANIMA, through its Med Academy, took stock of the growing demand for specific actions expressed by local promotion players and developed a Compendium of Practices on ‘Local Investment Promotion in the Mediterranean’, that was launched in Beirut on 12-13 September 2011.

This Compendium of Practices includes 10 best practice case studies, one of which is Invest in Greece’s Synergassia.

Invest in Greece Agency realised that a) it needed to showcase its country’s regions and to strengthen the outreach of Greek business, b) international stakeholders knew little of Greece’s regions, c) involving stakeholders in regional promotion would result in more projects and d) regions needed support to promote their comparative advantages abroad.
Therefore it undertook in 2006 an initiative to enhance regional visibility to the diplomatic corps. This successful initiative was given the brand name Synergassia in 2008.  Synergassia is a Greek word that means collaboration. Collaboration between domestic players and international stakeholders.  One of these international  stakeholders is the diplomatic corps in Greece. Therefore Synergassia is a bridge that connects the regions of Greece directly to markets worldwide, through the economic and commercial diplomatic missions in Greece.
The Synergassia Programme focuses its activities on providing a hands-on opportunity for the economic and commercial missions in Greece by:
• showcasing Greek regional investment opportunities directly to the economic and commercial missions in Greece
• having face- to- face meetings and exchanges with business, regional governments and the local communities
• facilitating the flow of market and business intelligence from regional Greece directly to the economic and commercial missions in Greece, thereby ensuring effective and expedient communication to interested investors “back home” 

For more information on the Synergassia programme, please follow the link