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Newsletter December 2011


Traditionally, the holiday season provides all of us with the opportunity to make plans for the new year that involve showing resolve for new objectives, a renewed commitment to our family, friends, and business partners, and welcoming the next year with a dedication to positive transformation.

As we transition into 2012, investors and the business community will discern a singular characteristic that defines Greece at this cusp of two years: Greece is changing.

In the midst of a massive reform effort, with the close cooperation of the European Union, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, Greece is establishing a new foundation on which to build a sustainable economic future that encompasses a wide-ranging growth scenario.

Following severe austerity measures to redress fiscal imbalances, Greece today is developing a course to move forward that will focus on growth, employment, and investor opportunities.

Oil and gas exploration, a massive privatisation programme, PPP projects, infrastructure development, R&D and the growth of the knowledge economy, in combination with a streamlined investor framework and a far more efficient public administration, point to a dynamic restart that provides significant investor opportunities.

Greece is a country of just 11 million inhabitants yet is among the 30 largest economies in the world. As we emerge from a challenging three years, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brightly, beckoning investors to be part of a new investment era that promises solid rewards for years to come.

During this glorious holiday season, we extend to the international investment and business community our warm wishes for a productive, prosperous, creative, and peaceful new year, to share our vision, and to witness the bright opportunities that the new year will bring forward.    

Aristomenis (Aris) M. Syngros
Executive Chairman