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Newsletter December 2011


Athens a Leading Shopping Destination

As City Breaks make up an ever-increasing portion of the tourism mix, shopping plays a larger role in achieving success.

Athens is one of the leading European destinations of «global shoppers»— those who travel abroad to make purchases of consumer goods—according to the Globe Shopper City Index-Europe, a new research programme developed by the British Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

In particular, Athens stood out in the 'affordable' category, mainly due to the prices of two star hotels in the city, where it ranked first, together with two other cities. For the Globe Shopper City Index - Europe programme, the attractiveness of the image of 33 major European cities, regarding the shopping of international travelers, was investigated.

Each city was rated on the basis of 38 criteria which fall into five different categories: shopping, affordability, comfort and service, hotels and transport, culture and climate.

Commenting on the research, Global Product Director of the Economic Intelligence Unit, Alasdair Ross, said: "The Globe Shopper City Index - Europe shows the European cities that are best positioned to benefit from Europe's reputation as a destination chosen by international customers.

The findings show that the right balance between comfort and service, availability and price, plays a key role in the shopping of those traveling in international destinations. "

Overall results of the Globe Shopper City Index - Europe
The table below gives the overall results for the 33 cities that have been included in the survey. The rating was based on a scale of 0-100, where 100 = excellent shopping environment

Overall rating
- London 67.3
- Madrid and Barcelona 67.1
- Paris 65.5
- Rome 62.9
- Berlin 62.3
- Lisbon 61.6
- Amsterdam - 61.3
- Prague 59.7
- Budapest 59.6
- Milan 59.3
- Vienna 59.1
- Con / city 58.4
- Dublin 57.6
- Brussels 56.8
- Athens 56.2
- Munich 55.5
- Copenhagen 54.1
- Moscow 53.9
- Stockholm and Hamburg 53.4
- Lyon 53.3
- Bratislava 52.3
- Sofia and Bucharest 52.2
- Edinburgh 51.5
- Kiev 51.4
- Warsaw 50.9
- St. Petersburg 49.1
- Helsinki 48.2
- Belgrade 43.6
- Oslo 43.1
- Geneva 41