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Newsletter April 2012


Greek Start Ups Attracting Investors, Funding

As many young Greeks make their way to entrepreneurship, international investors are taking note.

Recently, two Athens-based start ups have attracted funding, from the UK and the U.S., in what may be the beginning of Greeks making their mark in new and innovative areas, from gaming to information services.

AbZorba Games and Daily Secret are two start ups that are on their way to a global audience.

AbZorba Games Attracts Six Figure Investment
AbZorba Games, the Athens based mobile games company, recently announced that it has attracted a six-figure seed investment from the UK.

The first-round investment comes from Lawrence Howe, a private investor from the UK, who believes that AbZorba's strategy, model and achievements represent a promising business opportunity in the hottest segment of mobile gaming: mobile casinos.

Launched in September 2011, AbZorba Games creates live multiplayer casino-themed games for Android and iOS mobile phones.

Andrew Hughes, Co-founder & CEO of AbZorba, commented, "We are extremely excited to raise this round which will enable AbZorba to execute its aggressive expansion and growth plans by launching more titles such as live roulette and live poker and, importantly, recruit talented young developers here in Athens."

Daily Secret Raises $1.85 million
Daily Secret, which emails members a ‘best kept secret’ about their favourite city every day, has raised $1.85 million in Series A funding from Groupon investor BV Capital, Greycroft Partners and Trigger Media.

Daily Secret was started in Athens by two Greeks.

Currently live in 9 cities around the world, including Athens, Istanbul and San Francisco with 14 editions, in the local language, Daily Secret aims to become the definitive insider’s guide to what they have to offer. They expect to have 24 editions by the end of 2012 (next secret city is Tel Aviv).