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Newsletter July 2012


Minister of Development and Infrastructure Kostis Hatzidakis

Dear friends,

The Greek people, through their vote in the recent elections, have expressed their will for the coalition government to put the country on the track of growth and productivity. An essential prerequisite for this effort is to enhance entrepreneurship and to reinforce the country's position on the global investment map.

Though the acceleration of the privatisation programme, and the development of public assets, we are sending a strong message to attract investment capital and investors, while creating the appropriate conditions to make our country an investment friendly location.

A new, simple, and stable tax law, to remain in effect for a number of years, and further simplifications within the business environment, will contribute to this end. In addition, our priority is to reduce administrative expenses and avoid delays occurring throughout the investment procedure. This will be achieved by enabling Invest in Greece to be a one-stop shop for all stages of the investment process, both for strategic and new investments, thus avoiding the involvement of other organisations until the completion of the investment. Equally important is the introduction of an electronic system that will monitor the progress of investment projects.

A prerequisite to achieving development is to restore market and investor confidence. The political stability provided by the coalition government is the first step, along with the strong desire of Greek people, for the country to move forward. Together, with full faith in our combined abilities, we will succeed.