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Newsletter July 2012


Notis Mitarachi, Deputy Minister of Development

Investments, and in particular the attraction of foreign direct investment, are of primary importance for Greece. The recently formed, three-party coalition Greek Government aims to turn Greece into a promising investment destination. As a Government, we support Greeks and foreigners who want to invest and create jobs. As we all know, no investments exist without investors and no employees exist without employers.

Within this framework, our main priority is the elimination of bureaucracy. In collaboration with the General Secretariat for Strategic Investments and Invest in Greece Agency, we are in the process of establishing an Impeded Investment Facilitation Office that will operate as the single contact point between investors and the Greek State.
For each investment a special file will be created that administration executives will monitor and, when necessary, unblock. The various licensing stages will be curtailed and as many of them as possible will be realised concurrently.

To this end, special attention will be given to the Fast Track procedure. Our objective is to accelerate the launch of new investments and to increase the value of companies and real estate to be privatised, through a pre-licensing procedure.

Greece, as an investment destination, will change for the better through coordinated and focused efforts. This will result in significant returns and capital gains. In this spirit of sincere cooperation, we invite Greek and foreign investors into a new strategic alliance for mutual benefit.