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Newsletter July 2012


Destination Marketing Workshop

Invest in Greece Agency in Marketing Workshop

Within the framework of  the Black Sea Trade and Investment Promotion Programme, the United Nations Development Programme and Invest in Greece, in collaboration with aboutourism, hosted a two-day Training Workshop on Destination Marketing for Investment Agency Leadership.

The purpose of the workshop was to build the capacity of investment agency leaders to generate market interest for their countries. The workshop focused on techniques and models to market a location as an investment destination.

The Workshop, held at Invest in Greece offices, was addressed to directors and executive directors of Investment Promotions Agencies from the 12 BSEC countries – Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The objective was to address the most important aspects of destination marketing and management. The first part of the workshop focused on both nation branding and destination branding – i.e. understanding why countries engage in nation branding, the main concepts and ideas behind nation branding, the main factors that influence the image or reputation of a country or destination and the process and examples of available tools to build the nation brand, including citizens, products and services, cultural artifacts, public and cultural diplomacy, marketing and promotional campaigns.

Part two focused on what motivates foreign investors and how to market a location effectively to investors. The event was conducted as an interactive seminar that help agencies develop their location’s identity as an investment destination and the key messages that resonate with investors.

The workshop leaders were Barry Kolodkin and Juan Carlos Belloso.

Barry Kolodkin is currently managing the UNDP Black Sea Trade and Investment Promotion Programme (BSTIP). BSTIP aims to increase trade and foreign direct investment among the Black Sea countries through business networking, trade and investment mission, business brokering and capacity building.

Juan Carlos Belloso is an international expert in Corporate and Place Strategy, Branding and International Promotion, based in Barcelona. Advisor to the Barcelona Brand project, the Barcelona Strategic Metropolitan Plan, the Catalonia Brand Committee and founding member of the 'Barcelona Global' Association, a private organisation formed by a group of business people, professionals and entrepreneurs with the aim of creating and developing projects to improve the positioning and influence of Barcelona in the world system of cities, Juan Carlos is also currently advising different countries, regions and cities in Spain, Europe, Russia and Latin America in the areas of place branding, image and reputation management and competitiveness.