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Newsletter October 2012


Assisting Chinese investors Focus on Greece

As China secures its place on the global economic stage, it is becoming a major investor abroad. Invest in Greece is helping Chinese investors focus on Greece.

China’s growing economy has opened the doors to a global investment programme by domestic companies. Chinese enterprises invest in a wide spectrum of sectors, from energy to transportation, from mining to tourism. Invest in Greece provides information on the many opportunities that Greece offers to Chinese investors through a variety of channels: its website in Chinese, its newsletter, its Synergassia programme, during missions to China, and during visits to Greece by the Chinese business community.

Another means is through the China Go Abroad  website, an innovative platform that provides Chinese investors with background resources on selected countries around the world, of which Greece is one.  Initiated by the Chinese Overseas Development Association and TransAsia Lawyers, the website hosts background information on target markets, investment guides, sectoral overviews, and current international tenders.

Invest in Greece provides China Go Abroad with a number of resources on investing in Greece, highlighting the many opportunities Greece offers, especially in areas such as energy, environmental management, tourism infrastructure development, food and beverages, biotech and high tech.

Other partners include IPAs from around the world, Ernest & Young, Accenture, and Financial Times, as well as legal offices in each of the destination countries.

The website responds to the professional needs of Chinese investors, global asset owners, and international service providers. Operating under China’s National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC—the Ministry in charge of outbound investments of China) China Go Abroad boosts Greece’s investment profile among China’s sectoral players and directs them directly to Invest in Greece for more information and resources on the Greek market.

China Go Abroad is members-only project, ensuring contact with companies and IPAs that exhibit a strong interest in bilateral investment.

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OTEGLOBE and Telecom Libya team up for undersea fiber optic cable installation
Libya International Telecommunication Company (LITC) and OTEGLOBE, a subsidiary of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE), recently announced the resumption of operations on Silphium, a new submarine fiber optic cable in the Mediterranean.

Silphium, the installation of which was temporarily suspended in 2010 due to unrest in Libya, will connect Libya with Greece through the international cable stations of Derna and Chania. Scheduled for launch by the end of 2012, the cable will be the first to connect the North African country with the European continent.

Silphium is based on the cutting-edge fiber optic technology Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and will meet the increasing demand for broadband services between North Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

OTEGLOBE, through its onshore international infrastructure, will provide LITC with connectivity to major Internet hubs in Europe.