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Newsletter October 2012


Elais-Unilever Continues Investing in Greece

Mr. Spyros Desyllas, President of the Elais-Unilever Hellas, said that his company remains firmly committed to its investment plans for Greece while marking the 60th anniversary of Klinex chlorine in the Greek market.

In a strong message of support of the country’s economy, Mr. Desyllas called Greece a home for the company, and the target for the company’s future investments. The President noted that the Klinex factory continues to improve its production methods and has increased its use of Greek raw materials, such as salt.

Meanwhile, Unilever revealed plans to relocate part of its production from France, Spain, and possibly Germany to Greece for a range of products, including detergents and cosmetics. Its initial foray into Greek production has already proved successful in the ice cream segment.

Elais–Unilever Hellas currently produces products for export to eighteen countries, including the U.S., Canada, Venezuela, China, Egypt, South Africa, Ireland, England, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Albania, Cyprus, Australia, Russia, Lithuania and Serbia. The group operates three factories in Renti, Neo Faliro and Gastouni and plans to launch a new storage and distribution centre in Shimatari.