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Newsletter December 2012


Waste Management Projects Moving Forward

Public Private Partnership Waste Management Projects in Western Macedonia and Ilia will impact Regional Greece.

Within December the binding offers for the first PPP waste management project will be submitted in Western Macedonia.

Candidates shortlisted in the first phase of the competition and invited to receive the issues of the second phase are the following: Waste Syclo, Mediterranean – J&PAvax – Polyeco, Novaera Hellas, Terna, Athoniki Technical – Adamidis, Helector – Helesi.

Meanwhile, the project for the waste management in Ilia Prefecture is proceeding to the next phase. The private partner will be chosen for a partnership lasting 27 years and will also undertake the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of the waste management plant’s infrastructure, with a capacity of about 100,000 tons. The funding of the project will be derived from both private and EU funds.

Candidates qualified are the following: Terna, Archirodon Group Consortium –Intrakat –Envitec, Mediterranean Consortium –J&PAvax –Aagis, Aktor –Helector Consortium.

These projects achieve environmentally friendly and integrated management of municipal solid waste, and they are one more step toward sustainability in the overall waste management in regional Greece.

Waste Management Investment Opportunities
Since there is insufficient domestic capacity to meet the needs of the market, investment opportunities are exceptional. The Greek government, local waste management authorities, and private waste management service companies need the expertise of foreign firms to fill this significant gap.

Advantages of Investing in Waste Management
• Binding EU commitments to recycle packaging material and other products, and decrease biodegradable waste and other urban solid waste that is sent to landfill
• Insufficient local capacity; foreign expertise is required
• Solutions needed to deal with an increasing waste burden
• Integrated waste management facilities are needed
• Need for innovative solutions that create energy from waste
• Favorable Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and EU financial framework

Targeted Opportunities
Opportunities for investment and cooperation may be identified in a number of areas:
• Selective collection at source and the recycling of municipal waste
• Collection and treatment of various products and materials, including batteries, tires, waste oils, and electrical/electronic products
• Creation of disposal facilities for municipal waste
• Construction of transfer station networks, recycling centers, sanitary landfill sites for residual waste; mechanical, processing and compost units; rehabilitation of existing landfill sites
• Implementation of integrated waste management systems and solutions in specific regions
• Management of clinical and hazardous waste
• Implementation of coastal rehabilitation projects
• Supply of mechanical equipment and know-how that suits the local environment