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Newsletter December 2012


Invest in Greece Addresses Global Markets

Invest in Greece has recently focused on two of the most dynamic economies in the world, China and the United States, presenting the investment opportunities in a wide range of areas.

Mission to Beijing

The CEO of Invest in Greece, Stephanos Issaias, presented Greece’s new investment environment in Beijing, and a portfolio of specific projects per investment sector, to Chinese investors during an investment seminar convened on November 27 by the Embassy of Greece in Beijing, in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Trade and Lazard Bank China. The visit of Mr. Issaias was complemented with a series of prescheduled one-on-one meetings in light of the fact that new, as well already existing Chinese companies, have expressed their undiminished interest in doing business in Greece. During the meetings, key questions regarding the economic stability and competitiveness of Greece were answered.

On November 29, the mission visited Shanghai, where the Greek Consulate, in collaboration with 21st Century Media hosted a two-day investment seminar. During his keynote speech, Mr. Issaias analyzed the reasons that Greece is an important investment destination for China. He also cited a number of measures and incentives that support investment in sectors such as energy, food and beverage, tourism, and real estate.  

Based on this seminar, 21st Century Media has published a wealth of material on Greece and its investment opportunities under the title "The right time to invest in Greece?" on the popular Chinese economic news website.

“Our visit to China with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that Greece plans to attract investment in a coordinated manner and targets strategic areas with major investment capital outflows, and also gives us the opportunity to directly contact companies, either to provide them with the significant service of the after sales support of Invest in Greece or to invite them to include our country in their investment agenda.

“According to estimations of Chinese officials, the export of investment capital from China will balance the corresponding import in the next five years. Greece has already been proven to be a profitable investment destination for several Chinese companies. We are here to garner support for what we believe should be the part of Chinese investment capital attributable to Greece based on its comparative advantages,” Mr. Issaias said in his interview on the Phoenix TV network of Shanghai.

The global outfolw of China’s investment capital in 2011 was $146.7 billion and a significant  increase is expected in the next five years.

Creating a New Greece, New York
At the Capital Link Forum, Creating a New Greece, held in New York on November 29, Invest in Greece Chairman Aristomenis (Aris) Syngros said:

“We have witnessed an uptake in realized investment projects, in Fast Track projects, in PPP projects, as we have just heard, and an interest in Greece’s vast privatization program, which is notable since it includes opportunities for investors of all levels. 

“What has changed, ladies and gentlemen, is that the superb opportunities that Greece presents as an investment location are now matched with an investment framework that responds to market needs, demands, and expectations.

“The opportunities are now matched with a government that is committed to supporting investment in the most effective way. It is clearly understood that FDI is a key component to economic growth, recovery, and progress.  And we at Invest in Greece are determined to assist investors in every possible way.”

The annual event draws the investment community from the eastern United States. The Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, addressed the event via video link.

“Greece has entered a new, hopeful era, Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks minister Kostis Hatzidakis said at the event’s reception, at the Harvard Club in New York.

"Now, the hour of hope and growth has come," the Minister said and he put special emphasis on the structural changes and the legislative framework for investments, underlining the "Fast Track" process that facilitates investors in their acquisition of licenses.

American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Conference, Athens
Invest in Greece CEO Stephanos Issaias delivered an address on investment opportunities in Greece at the 23rd annual conference of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce The Greek Economy: State Reform—The Cornerstone for Investment and Development, held on December 3 & 4 in Athens.

Mr. Issaias focused his remarks on the substantial upgrade of the Greek investment framework and the unwavering commitment of the Greek government in supporting investment in key sectors of the economy.
The conference focused on the proposals, decisions and actions necessary for Greece to achieve success in its modernization program and become competitive—prerequisites to attract foreign investment, achieve economic recovery, and exit from its economic crisis.

The Prime Minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras, presented the keynote dinner address to conference delegates, during which time he outlined the government’s support for the business and investment communities and pledged to continue deep structural reforms so that Greece will soon emerge stronger, more robust, and more entrepreneurial.