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Newsletter May 2013


New Investment Legislation

Greece’s new Investment Legislation significantly improves the institutional framework for doing business and investing in one of the most promising markets today.

The New Law 4146/18.04.2013 “Creation of a Development Friendly Environment for Strategic and Private Investments” provides for a more streamlined investment environment, and Law  4141/05.04.2013 “Investment Tools for Development, Financing and other Provisions,” includes tax legislation changes.

KPMG, a member of the Invest in Greece Business Network, offers a comprehensive analysis of Law 4146/18.04/2013 and Law 4141/05.04.2013.

The analysis covers a number of key areas that are of interest to investors, focuses on areas covered by incentives and includes a number of positive changes in tax legislation.

Categories of Enterprises Which are Entitled to Apply for Subsidies
• Entities Which are Entitled to Receive Subsidies
• Expenses Which Can be Subsidised in Qualified Investments
• Expenses Which Do not Qualify for Subsidies
• Levels of Subsidies
• Types of Subsidies
• Own Contribution
• Payment of the Subsidy
• Capital and Leasing Subsidy
• Payment of Lease Subsidies
• Tax Exemption
• Time of Filing of the Applications for Subsidies
• Obligations of Enterprises Receiving Subsidies
• Individual Taxation
• Corporate Taxation
• Taxation on the Transfer of Shares
• VAT Law
• Tax Audits
• Annual Special Contribution on Companies of Article 25 of Law 27/1975

Please read here the entire report for a complete analysis.