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Newsletter July 2013


It is encouraging to see that the world’s media is shifting its reporting on Greece, focusing on “Grecovery” as uttered by political and financial leaders, and halting its references to “Grexit.”

It should be clear that Greece is attracting significant interest in investment as it proceeds with determination and a steadfast resolve to implement reform.

Major players from around the world—the United States, China, France, Germany and others—are committing investment funds in Greece that underline their confidence in our country’s future.

Greece is well on its way to regaining the trust of the global investment community, which sees long-term opportunities in a country with immense promise and unlimited potential.

Tourism numbers for 2013 are projected to break all records—with an estimated 17 million arrivals expected. This is proof in the pudding that investment in hotels, marinas, golf courses, or small-scale niche markets, is paying off handsomely.

The decision to transport natural gas through Greece via the TAP pipeline heralds a new energy era in our country, at the same time that RES implementation is accelerating and the search for hydrocarbon deposits begins in earnest—with highly promising results.

Greece continues to expand as a logistics and transport hub, with the Port of Piraeus set to become an absolute leader in Europe. The country’s privatization drive is beginning to deliver impressive returns—with an extensive roster of projects rolling out in the next several months.

We are confident that media stories on Greece will continue to focus on the significant results of our intense efforts at reform and reconstruction.

We invite investors to be part of the story—the opportunities are many, the rewards exceptional.

Stephanos Issaias
Chief Executive Officer