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Newsletter July 2013


Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sustained economic growth relies on a vibrant and healthy entrepreneurial eco system that encourages and supports innovative action.

A number of dynamic, proactive and supportive initiatives in Greece encourage entrepreneurship, especially among the younger generation. An environment in which new business creation flourishes is a key ingredient to complement a promising investment framework. As Greece rapidly becomes more business-friendly, entrepreneurs, new and seasoned, are discovering the synergies, partnership opportunities, and business potential within today’s rapidly-changing landscape.

MIW Competition

The cooperation of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Athens Exchange in co-organising the MIW—Make Innovation Work competition—aims to improve the awareness of the investment community of fresh and innovative ideas.

The Make Innovation Work business plan competition is designed to help bring innovative ideas to market. Equally important, it is designed to spur the imagination, foster the notion that the best way forward is one that is self-directed, and provide the tools and assistance that people need to enter a challenging, rewarding, and deeply satisfying career path.

The competition is designed to select and support the most integrated and innovative business plans in five sectors: Energy and Environment; Alternative Agriculture; Transportation–Logistics–Shipping; Tourism and Culture; and Health and Wellness.

The most comprehensive proposals will be selected and recognised by the evaluation committee, and they shall clearly demonstrate that Greece has significant and promising reserves of innovative and entrepreneurial talent which, with the proper support, can assist in the development of our country.

egg—Enter, Grow, Go

22 business proposals are entering the next phase of the “egg” (enter-grow-go) programme to support youth entrepreneurship.

The process of evaluating the proposed programmes to support egg youth entrepreneurship, an initiative of Eurobank and scientific cluster Corallia of Athena Research Centre, concluded with particularly interesting and valuable proposals. The Enter phase of the programme was completed with this evaluation process, which lasted four weeks and revealed 22 high-level business proposals, which go into the next phase and enter the first part of the cycle of the programme.

The 22 business plans that qualified represented a variety of business sectors. Four proposals are in technologies and informatics and communications technologies, three in building materials, construction and real estate management, three in tourism, hospitality and catering, two in agriculture, aquaculture and ranching, two in the creative and cultural industries, two in renewable sources of energy, two in transportation and storage, one in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, one in e-Business and media services and social networking, one in health services, and one in food and beverages.

Greek Innovation Expo 2013

The Greek Innovation Expo 2013, held in Athens May 16-19, 2013, attracted more than 2,000 professionals. It was one of Greece’s most important events in the field of innovation, where companies, independent researchers, and inventors had the chance to meet, communicate, and collaborate.

The exhibition promoted creativity, development, and the efficient and productive cooperation of the participants, from areas as diverse as industrial research, design, culture, technology, and energy. Exhibition booths hosted R&D institutes, university laboratories, state agencies, public and private innovators, incubators, start-up companies, and independent researchers. More than 50 fields of innovation, with applications in health, energy, environment, information technology, education, culture, e-government and the defense industry were represented.