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Newsletter October 2013


Patras InnoHub

The Patras InnoHub is a shining example of synergies that build entrepreneurial ecosystems and promote world-class technological excellence.

In 2007, Corallia inaugurated its first Innovation Center in Athens in a move to concentrate mi-Cluster members under the same roof, creating a new reference point for the microelectronics industry in Greece that could help boost entrepreneurship and synergies. In 2011, Corallia expanded its operations to one of the most productive regions of the country, the region of Western Greece in northern Peloponnese and established its second Innovation Center, the Patras InnoHub. This new facility offered a second point of reference for the microelectronics industry.

The Patras InnoHub has significantly contributed to the development of the Region of Western Greece, engaging a talented workforce and cooperating with regional academic institutions. The Patras InnoHub is designed to accelerate the successful development of innovative companies in Western Greece through an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by Corallia. Its resources and services are primarily focused to support start-up and early-stage companies. In addition, research arms of global corporations, such as industry leaders Samsung and Citrix, also benefit. The Patras InnoHub offers small- and medium-size companies a cost-effective facility to setup their branch offices and gain access to Western Greece markets and Patras’ pool of talented young engineers and scientists.

Dr. Jorge-A. Sanschez-P., Chief Strategy & Financial Officer of Corallia and Head of the infrastructure’s development project said: "The benefits of the infrastructure’s operation are obvious: strong networks have been created between the companies and local entrepreneurs, business and industrial activity has been stimulated, and at the same added-value services offered, enabling companies to boost their competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation and allowing them to successfully compete in global markets".

Prof. Vassilios Makios, General Director of Corallia added: "I have lived in Patras for almost half of my life as a Professor at the University of Patras, and I am sincerely happy that, after so many years, my colleagues from Corallia and myself along with the valuable support of our partners from the State and the local community, managed to implement this highly strategic and important project, which we hope will attract major industry players from both the national and international arena."

The Patras InnoHub has significantly contributed to investments in research and technology, the reduction of unemployment, the reduction of the brain drain, and the increase of IPR protection. Mr. Demetris Papailiou, mi-Cluster Manager and responsible for the operation of the Patras InnoHub said: "So far, over 300 business meetings, educational seminars and workshops have taken place under our roof. The strong concentration of the Region's high-tech companies has also boosted job creation, with more than 50 new jobs".

Dr. Nikos Vogiatzis, Chief Business & Technology Officer of Corallia, said: "We aim to expand the activity of the Patras InnoHub and through strategic alliances, further support existing and new enterprises that operate in the region by offering them a modern office and our specialised array of services for business acceleration and networking".

Mr. Constantine Polychronopoulos, Vice President and CTO, Service Provider Platforms, Citrix Systems said: "The Patras InnoHub is an innovation landmark for the region of Western Greece that was mainly created by the vision and drive of the Corallia Team. In 2003, I started an effort to expand the R&D capacity of our company Bytemobile based in Silicon Valley, and create a Design Center in my home town in Patras, Greece. Today, our presence at the Patras InnoHub is very successful, with over 80 software engineers and technical staff contributing to core R&D and product development of innovative solutions that are installed in more than 150 mobile operator networks all over the world. After the acquisition of Bytemobile by Citrix Systems in 2012, our presence at the InnoHub will take a new dimension with plans to further expand our team in the following months. Over the next 3-4 years, Citrix ByteMobile plans to significantly contribute in the regional development of Western Greece by further developing its world-class design center in Patras, acting as an innovation reference point that will attract creative and talented software engineers and developers from all over Greece".

Mr. Alekos Maniatopoulos, Director of the Samsung Nanoradio Design Center, one of the first tenants of the Patras InnoHub, stated: "We moved to the Patras InnoHub as Nanoradio, a small but dynamic and extrovert start-up company aiming to attract investors or potential buyers. One of our strategic decisions to attract investment was to invest in the facilities and the business environment that the Patras InnoHub offered, including exceptional network infrastructure, meeting rooms, teleconferencing, security, 24/7 access, and close proximity to the University of Patras.

Our choice proved to be beneficiary and assisted in Samsung’s decision to acquire Nanοradio, without having to worry about infrastructure, security and the future growth in the region. The fact that the InnoHub houses other international design centers and competitive Greek technology companies that develop innovative technologies such as Accusonus, Netrinno, BlueDev and mobileGenesis creates an important collaborative environment that benefits all."

Mr. Elias Kokkinis, CTO of Αccusonus said "Αccusonus is a start-up company established in 2012 in Patras and develops innovative technology and products in the area of digital audio technologies. The advantages and benefits offered to a company by being a member of a cluster are well known. For us, the decision of establishing our offices at the Patras InnoHub was more than that. Being able to work and collaborate in a modern environment, together with international design centers of some of the biggest technology companies in the world gives us a sense of reality during our first entrepreneurial steps and helps you to keep focused and not lose your purpose. Our everyday contact with established technologists and businesspeople gives us the unique opportunity to access information that cannot be found on the Internet—information that has been acquired through experience. The Corallia team at the InnoHub has constantly supported and coached us and is always available during our own business hours, as if they had their own start-up."