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Newsletter November 2014


Greece is changing—in important ways—and we’re changing with it. Enterprise Greece is the new body that incorporates Invest in Greece along with the mandate of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board, among others. That means that we can now focus on the big picture—investment and trade—and engage the global business community from a more inclusive, exhaustive, and holistic perspective.

And the global business community now has one central body—Enterprise Greece—with which to conduct its trade and investment enquiries.

Healthy growth relies on a sustainable investment model combined with vibrant international trade. Today, as Greece emerges from a prolonged crisis, our model going forward is to build on an environment based on successful structural reforms, far less bureaucracy, and a framework that welcomes business, investment, and expanded trade.

Enterprise Greece represents the new Greece. Enterprise Greece is able to promote and attract investment based on new legislation, new licensing procedures, and a new organizational structure. Enterprise Greece is able to create new business and trade partners for Greek companies that want to enter new markets, develop new synergies, and expand their potential on the global stage.

Today, as major developments move forward—including the Port of Piraeus emerging as the new logistics hub of Europe, the multibillion dollar development of Hellinikon on the Athens Riviera, and energy projects that will have major impact on the entire region of Southeast Europe, businesspeople have a renewed sense of optimism about Greece’s vast potential for growth.

Indeed, 2014 is proving to be a pivotal turning point for Greece. Vastly improved public finances, investor interest in a wide range of sectors, new global partnerships, a return to growth, and more employment all signal an era of new promise—all backed up by solid achievements.

I invite all of you to explore the investment and trade opportunities in Greece—unleashing the full potential of one of the most attractive markets in the world today.

Stephanos Issaias
Chief Executive Officer