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Newsletter December 2009


Waste Management and Robotics

Waste collection, especially in urban areas, has long been a challenge to municipal authorities faced with limited resources. Now, a Greek firm in the city of Larissa has developed a robotic wastebin that incorporates a number of high-tech characteristics.

Soukos Environmental S.A. has introduced the “Robotic Waste Bin,” an 8-metre high structure that holds roughly 50 times the average municipal waste bin and compresses its contents by 80% by volume.

The Soukos “Robotic Waste Bin” has been installed in the main square in the northern Greek city of Kavala, as well as in Bulgaria, and is proving to be a major asset in municipal waste collection. Since the robotic bin compresses contents by 80% and holds such a large capacity of trash, authorities are required to collect and empty the trash far less frequently, saving on man hours and transportation.

The robotic device recognizes when a depositor is approaching, opening the access door automatically, and can even broadcast a recorded message with instructions, public messaging, or, to raise revenues, voice recorded advertising. Because the contents are compressed so intensely, and the device is essentially air tight, atmospheric odors are non-existent.

When emptied, the waste bin automatically cleans and disinfects itself and takes the appearance of a palm tree, adding to, rather than detracting from, local aesthetics. The device also doubles as a public lighting fixture.

For monitoring purposes, the bin can automatically record volume and weight of each deposit and can be connected to the local electricity and water supply system underground. The bin may be connected to a municicpal control room, alerting authorities that the bin is full or may need maintenance.

In addition, the Robotic Waste Bin can accommodate a 42-inch monitor, further allowing for public messages or advertising. Built of stainless steel, the bin can withstand a 12-Richter earthquake, and winds of up to 220 km per hour.