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Newsletter December 2009


Outreach highlights the initiatives of Invest in Greece Agency to promote the investment opportunities in Greece and Greece as an investment destination. Recent events in Athens and Thessaloniki engaged the foreign diplomatic corps in Greece as well as visitors to Greece from a wide variety of countries.

Vienna, November 23, 2009
Waste Management Seminar

Invest in Greece, with the assistance of the Greek Embassy in Vienna and the Federal Chamber of Commerce of Austria, held a Solid Urban Waste Management seminar on November 23 in Vienna, Austria. Mission delegates from Greece held 50 B2B meetings with 23 of their Austrian counterparts. The seminar allowed for an exchange of experiences and technical know how in the field of solid urban waste management. In addition, prospects for business development and cooperation were examined for turnkey waste management projects—a sector for which Austria is, to a great degree, considered a role model.

During the seminar, Invest in Greece presented detailed investment opportunities available in Greece to the representatives of the Austrian market. Specific PPP projects were promoted, the implementation of integrated waste management systems (OSDA) in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, the implementation of infrastructure of integrated waste management systems in the Region of West Macedonia, and the implementation of sewerage systems and a sewage treatment plant in the City of Rafina.

Thessaloniki, November 12-13, 2009
Seizing New Investment and Trade Opportunities in the Black Sea and Caspian

Invest in Greece supported the 3rd Black Sea Business Forum, Seizing New Investment and Trade Opportunities in the Black Sea and Caspian in the post-Crisis Era, held in Thessaloniki, 12 -13 November 2009, under the initiative of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SVEE). More than 150 delegates from investment promotion agencies, (IPAs), labour organisations from the countries of the Black Sea  and Caspian Region, and executives from Greek companies—members of SEV and SVEE—participated in the forum.

The CEO of Invest in Greece, Mr. Apostolos Tsoukalas, said during his welcome remarks, “because of Greece’s history of commercial and investment activity in the wider region of the Black and Caspian Seas, it is a catalyst for the region’s economic development.  Invest in Greece is convinced that these countries have investment potential and the interest of the international investment community; are ready to take on major projects, to develop cooperative investment plans and, along with other organisations and networks, to undertake substantial initiatives to reinforce the attractiveness of the region.”

Dusseldorf, November 10, 2009
Invest in Greece Seminar

Invest in Greece provided the keynote speaker at seminar, Investment Opportunities in Greece, that took place in Dusseldorf on November 10, 2009. The event was jointly organised by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Consulate General of Greece in Dusseldorf, Invest in Greece, the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Dusseldorf (IHK), the Greek-German Commercial and Industrial Chamber (AHK), the German-Greek Business Association (DHW) and had the participation of the Greek Embassy in Berlin. More than 80 participants from the Greek and German business communities interested in investment in Greece attended. German media covered the event.

Invest in Greece presented the advantages of Greece as an investment location, the basic elements of the investment law, and in-depth references to the investment potential in the energy sector, specifically in renewable energy sources (RES). In addition, for the tourism sector, data were presented indicating the continual upward tend of tourism arrivals in Greece, the importance of the sector to the Greek economy and the investment opportunities and incentives available in areas such as marinas and integrated resorts. 

Beijing, Seoul, November 2-6, 2009
Invest in Greece Mission to Asia

Invest in Greece carried out business missions to China and Korea November 2-6, 2009 in cooperation with the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Greek Embassies in Beijing and Korea. In Beijing, Invest in Greece took part in the 1st China Overseas Investment Fair (COIF).  The agenda included an investment seminar, at which more than 200 Chinese businesses participated. In addition, the Agency made presentations on financing in the framework of Greece’s law for investment implementation, Invest in Greece’s services, and the growth potential of sectors of interest to Chinese businesses: Renewable energy sources (RES) and information and communication technologies (ICT). Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) were signed between Invest in Greece, represented by its CEO Apostolos Tsoukalas, and his counterparts from the Beijing Investment Promotion Agency and the China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX). The activities attracted 400 interested potential investors.

Between November 5-6, senior staff of Invest in Greece visited Seoul, South Korea. The Greek Embassy in South Korea, in cooperation with the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hosted an event at which more than 90 representatives of businesses, government bodies, the diplomatic corps and media took part. The event promoted, through investment seminars, attractive sectors of the Greek economy for FDI, including RES and ICT.

Athens, October 22, 2009
Waste Management –The Swedish Model

Invest in Greece and the Swedish Business Council hosted a seminar in Athens on Waste Management –The Swedish Model, held under the aegis of the Embassy of Sweden in Greece. The event was designed to explore integrated systems of efficient waste management; to inform Greek businesspeople and regional government bodies of successful solutions applied in Sweden; to present the potential and opportunities in waste management in the Greek market today; and to broaden the possibility for Swedish firms to participate in Greek waste management projects.

Representatives from Invest in Greece, the Ministry of Environment, the General Secretariat of Public Private Partnerships, and the Waste Management Agency of Western Macedonia analysed the current status of the sector and its potential.

The Swedish Ambassador to Greece, H.E. Håkan Malmqvist and the CEO of Invest in Greece, Apostolos Tsoukalas, welcomed and addressed participants.

Athens, September 24, 2009
Invest in Greece Agency Dialogue on Investment with IMD Alumni

Invest in Greece Agency hosted graduates of the highly regarded Institute for Management Development (IMD), many of whom are now executives of large companies, at an information session on Greek Business Environment and Investment Opportunities.

The dialogue focused on today’s global business climate as the world economy begins to emerge from its crisis as well as the activities of Invest in Greece Agency in the promotion, attraction, and support of direct investment in Greece. In addition, participants were introduced to Greece’s new Fast Track law that accelerates licensing procedures for investments important to the Greek economy. Main speakers were Mr. Ioannis Retsas, Head of Investor Services Unit of Invest in Greece and Mr. Elias Eliades, Investment Promotion Manager of Invest in Greece.

Athens, September 28, 2009
Invest in Greece Agency at the Economic—Tax Forum 2009

Invest in Greece Agency made a presentation to commercial diplomats in Athens on Greece’s new Fast Lane to investment in Greece at the Economic—Tax Forum 2009. A major part of the session for the commercial diplomats focused on the national plan for streamlining and stabilising the tax system in Greece and the progress made on attracting foreign direct investment into Greece. Also high on the agenda was the discussion of the national strategic initiatives in recent years to upgrade the framework for tax incentives for investment, as in the case of the new Fast Track Law, which accelerates the licensing procedure.

Ioannis Retsas, Head of Investor Services Unit, Invest in Greece Agency, presented all aspects of the Fast Track licensing procedure as it relates to expediting investments important to the Greek economy.

The forum was organized with the support of Invest in Greece. The Economic-Tax Forum 2009 is an initiative of the Institute of Economic and Fiscal Studies with the support of the Tax and Auditing study programme of Panteios University and the New Economic Development Fund.

September 5-13, 2009, Thessaloniki
Invest in Greece Agency at the 74th Thessaloniki International Fair

Invest in Greece Agency participated in the 74th Thessaloniki International Fair at the stand of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and at the event’s 5th Business Forum, INVEST IN …Foreign Direct Investment –FDI: Use the Opportunity of the Crisis.

Greek and foreign investors had the opportunity to become informed on Greece’s attractive investment climate as well as to become familiar with the new Fast Track Law, which accelerates the licensing process for investor plans important to the Greek economy. Concurrently, since investment was the central theme of the 74th Thessaloniki International Fair, at which India as the honoured country, Invest in Greece held a significant number of information sessions with businesspeople from India and with other international businesspeople.