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Newsletter December 2009


Ports Vital to Greece’s Growth

The ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa, vital components of Greece’s transport infrastructure, are to be upgraded within two, major National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) programme projects.

The projects, budgeted at 286 million Euro, will significantly improve the commercial capacity of Greece’s western gateways and provide greater access to Greek, Southeast European, and Middle East markets by West European traders.

The Port of Igoumenitsa connects to Greece’s new superhighway, the Egnatia Odos, which spans from the Ionian Sea in the west to the coast of Turkey, and feeds important routes north to Albania, FYROM, and Bulgaria. The 100 million-Euro project is slated to see the construction of two new 198-metre piers, a structure to accommodate a future cargo railway, breakwaters, access road projects, a terminal building, an equipment storage building, and a South Gate Complex to serve the needs of passengers and shippers.

The completion of this major project will see Igoumenitsa a hub port within the Motorways of the Sea programme and a key passage point to the Adriatic.

The city of Patras on has been Greece’s primary west coast port, especially in its connection to Italy. The continued upgrading of the port—work has been underway since 2004—will position Patras as a new Gate of Greece. Currently, Patras handles large quantities of cargo and passengers and the improvements through the 186-million Euro project will enable the city to handle far more cargo and passengers and thus be a major catalyst for increased trade and economic development.

Among the major construction projects to be completed are the completion of a 5th dock for automobiles, a 219-metre commercial breakwater, an additional 129-metre breakwater, access roads, bus terminals, a control tower, a pavilion, customs facilities and warehouses.

The New Port construction along with new infrastructure projects currently underway (Patras-Korinthos motorway, new double high-speed railway, Ionian motorway and the connective roads with the Northern Detour of Patras) make the New Port of Patras an important hub in the transport network of Southeast Europe.

At the same time the Patras Port Authority is enhancing its existing facilities and creating a new, multipurpose marina that will provide services in marine tourism, trade activities, and leisure activities. The refurbished marina will be an entry gate for tourism in the Ionian Sea area, strengthening Patras’ position in Greece’s tourism sector.