Attica Coastline

Athens Riviera Set for Historic Development

Participate in one of the most transformative projects in the Mediterranean—revitalising the Attica Coastline, known as the Athens Riviera.

With the creation of Attica Coastline S.A., investors will have numerous opportunities to participate in multiple projects designed to transform the south seafront of Athens.

Attica Coastline S.A., a state-owned company, has been created, with a 99-year operating charter. Attica Coastline S.A. aims to manage, administer and develop public and private facilities located in the area between the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Faliron and Cape Sounion.

This project provides for:
• access to the coastline for citizens and visitors
• overall development of the region
• full compliance with environmental regulations
• determination of optimal land use and building regulations
• implementation of additional needed infrastructure
• creation of added value for the entire Attica region

The property of the ''under development area'' will be:
a) granted to Attica Coastline S.A. through joint ministerial decisions of the competent Ministers or
b) transferred to Attica Coastline S.A. by sale of land, donation, bequest or other type of contract.