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Which are the preconditions, the process and the supporting documentation required of third-country citizens who own real estate, the value of which exceeds €250.000, in order to obtain residence permits in Greece?
What incentives are on offer for new investments?
What sectors are most attractive for investment in Greece?
How is a suitable location found for the set-up of an enterprise?
What are the procedures and costs for establishing a company in Greece?
What about potential partners?
What are the criteria used to determine whether an enterprise is ranked as small, medium or large?
What about the Greek real estate market?
Can a non-Greek individual or a legal entity buy property in Greece?
What are the main institutes and bodies that carry out research in Greece?
Can you provide a list of Greek science or technology parks?
Are there industrial areas available for establishing an operation in Greece?
Can a foreign corporation conduct business in Greece through a branch operation?
Are there any restrictions on foreign investments in Greece?
Do I need a special visa to establish a company in Greece?
How does the health system in Greece work? Can I get health insurance as a foreign citizen?
How can I start a joint venture?
What is the educational level of the Greek population?
Are there any representative offices of Enterprise Greece, outside Greece, one may visit?
What is the legislation concerning public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Greece? Are there special regulations for foreign companies? Are there any prohibited sectors for foreign companies?