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Enterprise Greece S.A.

The official Investment and Trade Promotion Agency of Greece

109 Vasilisis Sophias Avenue
115 21 Athens GREECE
Offices in Northern Greece:
136 Tsimiski Str. 546 21
Thessaloniki GREECE

Tel: +30 210 335 5700
Fax: +30 210 324 2079

Τhe Interministerial Committee of Strategic Investments and Enterprise Greece strongly suggest to investors to contact Enterprise Greece and arrange a meeting prior to the final submission of their investment plan.

Stage 1: Information Request Forms

To address questions
to Enterprise Greece regarding “Acceleration and transparency in the implementation of Strategic Investments” (Law 3894/2010), please click here to fill out a form or call +30 210 33 55700. Your questions will be addressed promptly.
To arrange a meeting to discuss a mature investment plan
please click here to fill out a form, attach the executive summary of the investment plan, and we'll get back to you promptly.

Stage 2: Submission Request Form

To arrange a meeting for the final submission of the investment plan
please click here to fill out a form. Please attach a) a business plan executive summary, in which the financial credibility of the investment must be documented, and b) a direct and indirect impact analysis upon the Greek economy. After submitting the form, the Priority Number of your meeting will appear on your screen and will also be sent to your Email address. Meetings for the final submission are arranged in strict order of chronological priority.
Investors collect, only at the offices of Enterprise Greece S.A., the Protocol Reference Number of the final file of their investment plan for inclusion in the procedure of the “Acceleration and transparency in the implementation of Strategic Investments”. The collection of the Protocol Reference Number is realised on the day of the meeting for the final submission and after submitting the “INCLUSION APPLICATION” and the necessary documentation, according to Law 3894/2010 for Strategic Investments. The documents must be submitted both in hard copy and electronic format.