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As global partnerships become the backbone of research and development, the importance of international collaboration increases significantly. Bioimerosin, a new bioengineering company in northern Greece, is on its way to creating new products and services for the medical field that have the potential to be used in markets worldwide.

Bioimerosin Laboratories S.A. is a research and technology development company in bioengineering products. The founders of the company have extensive international experience in research, development, and management of new technologies and are committed in building a world-class private R&D organisation in bioengineering, capitalising on the high quality scientific human resources of Greece.

The founders of Bioimerosin define the mission of the company as:

to serve the health, safety and overall living standards of all humans globally and especially the part of the population phasing a medical challenge by inventing and developing novel or improved biomedical instrumentation technologies in all disciplines of biomedical engineering with an emphasis on orthopedic and rehabilitation applications”

Bioimerosin sectors of activity include:

  • Products and services related to instrumentation and sensor development in biomedical engineering
  • Occupational and rehabilitation biomechanics and engineering
  • Recreational, comfort, and safety bioengineering
  • Research in elderly populations and people with mobility problems

The company is based in Thessaloniki and its facilities include the headquarters and software and hardware development laboratories. Bioimerosin S.A. was formed according to the high tech incubation scheme of THERMI S.A. and in 2006 received a 1.5 million EURO grant for the development of a high tech innovative idea in the area of biomedical imaging.

The high added value of the products being developed by BIOIMEROSIN stems from a number of factors:

  • Bioimerosin addresses the world market: the user groups for each product include hundreds of millions of people with special medical challenges and thousands of health professionals.
  • Governments and health insurance companies worldwide spend several billions EURO annually to serve these people and consequently any technological development that can improve the health status of medically challenged people will be of very high economic value.
  • The intellectual properties/patents for any new technology carries the highest “added value” for any new product development.

Bioimerosin is currently developing a novel X-Ray Medical Imaging Product that has been developed over the past 10 years by its founding members with the participation of leading physicians and surgeons in orthopedics. The Dynamic X-Ray Radiography Imager—DRSI—is a compact system providing dynamic stereographic X-Ray Imaging. The DRSI refers to a novel method for assessing in-vivo soft and hard tissue deformation, with particular applications in surgical planning and evaluation. The DRSI employs a 3D model of the targeted part of a human skeleton (provided by CT) and uses high speed (100 Hz or up to 2500 Hz), high-resolution X-ray digital movies of the targeted part as a model for kinematic representation of the 3D CT model.  Hence it provides highly repeatable in-vivo skeletal kinematics of one order of accuracy, higher (0.043 mm translation, 1degree rotation) than any other existing motion analysis system. The DRSI system is a diagnostic tool and assists in surgical planning and evaluation. 


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