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From Laboratory to Market

Fifty "Smart Eyes" navigation system devices, developed to assist the blind, were presented to 50 sight-impaired persons in a special ceremony at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The system was developed by the Telecommunications Laboratory at the Thessaloniki University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and in 2004 won the first prize in an international "Imagine Cup" contest held in Brazil.

Smart Eyes consists of a hand-held computer equipped with Bluetooth connections and earphones that connect to a GPS receiver and a voice communication system. It is also supplied with a digital map that is able to collect data from the GPS, process it and provide the user with on site information.

The system issues audio signals warning the user when s/he is approaching a selected destination, such as a bus stop, traffic lights or specific buildings. The navigation system was sponsored by the Cosmote, Microsoft Hellas and Geomatics companies.

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