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Mrs. Boguslawa Abramowicz, Head of Trade and Investment Promotion Department of the Embassy of Poland and President of the Club of Economic Counselors and Diplomats in Greece, discusses how diplomats become better acquainted with investment opportunities in Greece.

Please tell us about the Club of Economic Counselors and Diplomats in Greece.

The CECD, the Club of Economic Counselors and Diplomats in Greece, was established about 10 years ago by the Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Poland, Mrs. Ewa Dolinska, who initiated the idea and was the first Chairperson of the Club.

How does the Club operate and provide value for its members?

From the very beginning the Club organised interesting activities for its members, usually numbering between 26 and 32, who are the Economic and Commercial Counselors of Embassies in Greece from around the world.

During activities such as fact finding visits our members can learn valuable information and collect details about the Greek economy and its society. As with all clubs and societies, it relies very much on its members to be active and come up with activities that the Club can organise. It is far easier for us, as a group of diplomats, to make contact with certain organizations and companies if we approach them as a group of, lets say, 26 – 32 representatives from various countries, compared to if we do it on an individual basis.

How does ELKE help coordinate the Club and inform its members about FDI opportunities in Greece?

The Club has a very close and a very good cooperation with ELKE, especially with Mrs. Vasso Kyrkou, who is our main contact at ELKE. ELKE regularly organises fact finding trips, within the framework of its “Promoting Regional Greece” Programme, to various parts of the country. The most important part of these trips is the meetings with the Regional Chambers of Commerce and local authorities and direct talks with the members of these Chambers and bodies. They are very well attended by our members, very valuable, and greatly appreciated. They also assist our members on an individual basis.

These regional trips provide us with valuable information, thereby assisting us in our overall understanding of business opportunities in various parts of Greece.

The Club has recently been on a very successful trip to Epirus organised by ELKE. More than 32 countries were represented on this trip. Our cooperation with ELKE is longstanding and very helpful in investigating the business opportunities in Greece, especially through such regional trips and visits. The benefits are of great value and our members have a great interest in future trips. Bearing in mind that our members, being diplomats, are changing regularly, the demand for ELKE’s trips is constant.

In addition, the Club regularly organises activities in Athens, including visits to companies. We also invite speakers to cover subjects of interest related to the Greek market.

In a word, these initiatives lead to a greater interest by investors in the Greek market.

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