Competitive Spirit
Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship 2007-2013

Greek Development Minister Christos Folias announced the official approval of a business programme titled "Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship 2007-2013" following a decision of EU Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Hubner. The programme is included in the top priority programmes of the National Reference Strategic Framework Plan (2007-2013), that aim to improve competitiveness and export activity of Greek enterprises and the country's productive system, with a strong emphasis on innovation.

The development goal of the programme focuses on three strategic goals: a) speeding up the transition to a knowledge economy, b) developing a healthy, sustainable, and export-oriented business environment and c) strengthening the attractiveness of Greece as a country for business with a respect for the environment and sustainability. The programme will be financed with 1.721 billion EURO from the state budget, 1.291 billion EURO from EU funds, and 1.411 billion EURO arising from private funds.

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