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Under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Greece has revitalised its economic spirit and has constructed the framework for an increasingly outward looking economy. One of the objectives of ELKE’s new investment promotion policy is to build upon the solid foundations that have been put into place and to energise regional development, capitalising on unique competitive advantages, outstanding resources, and a strong potential for growth. In this way, we are able to promote Greece's regions to investors worldwide.

The “Promoting Regional Greece” Programme, initiated by ELKE, is one part of the integrated approach of ELKE to develop investment interest in areas of Greece that offer wide ranging opportunities.

By engaging regional authorities to become active partners in the growth and outreach process, ELKE combines the expertise of its investment professionals with deep local knowledge, thereby maximising the potential to attract the interest of global investors.

Within this framework, ELKE’s recent mission to the Greek region of Epirus was able to generate significant interest in one of Europe’s most important and spectacular, if as yet undiscovered, geographical areas.

From November 21-24, ELKE and the Region of Epirus hosted 33 Ambassadors, Economic Counselors, and Commercial Attaches from foreign embassies in Greece—members of CECD, the Club of Economic Counselors and Diplomats in Greece—on a fact finding and partnership building mission to Ioannina, the capital of Epirus. 

During the visit, the diplomats learned about business opportunities in the food and beverage, tourism and alternative tourism sectors and the major infrastructure projects being developed in the region. Emphasis was directed to specific sectors and to specific investment opportunities with competitive advantages.

On site tours to four flourishing enterprises and the Science and Technology Park of Epirus demonstrated the dynamism and potential that the region offers in varied sectors and the available intellectual capital to develop the knowledge economy.

By bringing together regional authorities and businesspeople, ELKE investment advisors, and diplomatic representatives from around the globe in a local setting, a strong dynamic is able to unfold, strong relationships develop, and the basis for fruitful discussions is well established.

ELKE is committed to furthering investment and business opportunities in every region of Greece so that win-win partnerships become vehicles for growth and prosperity, for regional players and global investors alike.

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