Lyon, France, 10-10-2023 - 13-10-2023

Enterprise Greece will participate in Pollutec 2023, which will take place from October 10 to 13, in Lyon, one of the most important exhibitions for the presentation and promotion of environmental solutions. For four days the exhibition will bring together leading companies from every sector to present their innovative solutions to representatives of industry, the public sector, as well as other stakeholders working together to promote the circular economy and to address the important challenges that our planet faces: biodiversity erosion, pollution and climate change.

Greece has drawn up a new action plan that supports the transition to a sustainable development model with clear goals and actions. The coordination of regional and local authorities, businesses and consumers contributes to the achievement of the individual goals of the country to reduce the amount of waste, increase the reuse and recycling of products, create a market for secondary materials and waste as productive resources, increase the use of alternative fuels, reduce the use of hazardous substances and promote circularity in production processes.

For more information: n.stamou@eg.gov.gr