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Enterprise Greece is the official investment and trade promotion agency of the Greek State, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are your gateway to the opportunities Greece offers.
Our mission is two-fold: We provide foreign investors with a one-stop shop for information, consulting, and assistance through every phase of their investment project, and we promote Greek products and services in international markets.


To help your business grow and thrive.


Geostrategic location

A member of the European Union and the Eurozone, Greece is the economic hub of Southeast Europe, and an ideal gateway to the Middle East, Western Europe and North Africa.

Modern Infrastructure

Greece has excellent communications and transportation infrastructure with road, sea and air links to the rest of the world and one of the busiest cargo ports in Europe.

High-Caliber Human Capital

With more science and engineering graduates than the OECD average, as well as widespread language skills, Greece’s human resources meet the needs of today’s service and knowledge-based economy.

Growth Potential

An ambitious and ongoing privatization program, as well as attractively priced real estate and other assets, translates into significant growth potential in the Greek market.


At Enterprise Greece, we offer a set of integrated investment facilitation services, to provide a one-stop shop for investment projects. Our investment advisors follow international best practices and specialize in specific sectors to ensure the highest level of service to investors.

We will provide you with targeted information on everything from tax and labor regulations to land use, licensing and available financial tools and incentives relevant to your project. We can also assist with site location, personnel sourcing, and matchmaking to local businesses.

Our advisors prepare customized investment proposals and evaluate projects for inclusion in the special Fast Track process for strategic investments. We are always available to discuss potential projects and the best way for investors to reach their goals.


Unique Products

Greece’s geography and history have combined to produce the country’s unique exports. From marble and building materials to natural beauty products, Greek exports are an expression of Greece.

Mediterranean Diet

Greece is famous for its healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Top-quality Greek foods, wines and other beverages continue to gain ground in international markets.

Strong Traditions

From agricultural products to maritime equipment, from jewelry to life sciences, vibrant traditions and millennia of expertise lie behind the excellence that distinguishes Greek products.

An Unrivaled Brand

Greece has established a reputation for quality, combining traditional strengths with innovation and state-of-the-art production facilities. Made in Greece is a mark of distinction.


We support Greek exporters and promote Greek products and services to international markets. We help Greek producers maximize their export potential, through information and mentoring; promotion and B2B networking; coaching and consulting

We organize Greek trade missions abroad, as well as a range of innovative promotional programs to acquaint buyers, distributors and wholesalers with Greece’s quality products in international markets. Our experts provide local market intelligence, facilitate business connections and offer industry insights to help you choose the commodities that will complement your range of products.

We host foreign buyers and business delegations in Greece, and organize B2B meetings with Greek manufacturers and local enterprises, in order to ensure sustainable and long term growth for both parties.