Local with a Global Reach (National)

On a national level, Enterprise Greece collaborates closely with Ministries, Federations of Industries, Foreign Embassies in Greece, Greece’ s embassies abroad, Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, NGOs etc. all of which are considered an integral part of our stakeholder mix. They provide valuable insight on private sector trends and investor response to investment related matters in Greece.     

Greek Government 


Bilateral Chambers of Commerce:

American–Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

Arab-Greek Chamber

British–Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

French – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Hellenic - German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Greek–Israel Chamber

Greek Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Technology

Greek-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

Hellenic–Chinese Chamber

Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Italian – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

Foreign Missions in Greece

Greek Missions Abroad

Greek National Tourism Organisation

Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, SEV

Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises, SETE

Federation of Realtors of Greece

Real Estate Association of Athens - Attica

Hellenic Property Federation

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