Synergassia Programme

A local experience that goes global 
Synergassia Programme

Enterprise Greece proactively participates in the development of the country, particularly in its regional development, and for this reason cooperates closely with government bodies, opening the doors to Greece for new investment. 

The Agency works with bilateral business associations, multilateral agencies, stakeholder groups and directs outreach activities to select business sectors and communities in target countries. 

In the context of its stakeholder development plan, Enterprise Greece established the Synergassia programme. Synergassia, a branded programme since 2008, is a Greek word that means collaboration. Synergassia is a collaboration between Enterprise Greece and Commercial and Economic Counsellors of Foreign Embassies in Greece to promote regional Greece directly to international investors, using this highly targeted approach. 

Important issues facing investors when choosing an investment location include the credibility of the country’s economy, the regional economy of the investment location, the tax system, employability of skilled and unskilled labour, location in relation to advanced infrastructure, and the friendliness of the local population. The Synergassia programme enables global business issues such as these to be addressed locally.

How it Works

The Synergassia programme provides a hands-on business opportunity to the economic and commercial missions in Greece by:

  1. showcasing Greek regional investment opportunities 
  2. hosting face-to-face meetings and exchanges with businesses, regional governments, and local communities
  3. facilitating the flow of market and business intelligence from regional Greece directly to foreign missions, ensuring effective and expedient communication to their interested investors “back home” 
  4. promoting local competitive products in target markets abroad

The Synergassia programme conducts approximately four missions per year to regions in Greece. In addition, economic and commercial diplomats are updated regularly on current developments in the regions and, in the process, are ensured direct contact with local players on all levels, in both the private and public sectors.

Highlights of the Synergassia Missions

During a Synergassia mission, in cooperation with regional authorities, Enterprise Greece hosts workshops and meetings, presenting the macroeconomic and investment profile of the region, along with its comparative advantages, to foreign diplomats---enabling them to relay this information to their business communities and government bodies.

B2B meetings with local companies are an integral part of each Synergassia mission. Regional Greek companies link up with foreign diplomats in an effort to build on common synergies. The B2B meetings are particularly important if the company is small to medium in size. The meetings are country-specific since what applies to one country may not necessarily apply to others.

To highlight successful business stories, site visits are conducted to regional manufacturing sites and service firms. Visiting diplomats are able to assess technological development, know-how, and the structure and standards of these companies to report to their home Ministry.

International stakeholders need to know more about the business potential of the Greek regions --- and Enterprise Greece takes them there.


“It was of outmost interest visiting companies in this area, discussing their interest of mutual cooperation for our two countries. You have done a superb job. Congratulations on both a successful and memorable event.  Looking forward to future events like this that help us know up close what Greece has really to offer.”

Ms Noha Kamal
Commercial Counsellor
Embassy of Egypt

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the informative event dated 13-16 April, 2016 organized by your good self. Needless to mention that I personally found all presentations extremely useful and stimulating. The side visits were extremely productive and offered insight view of all procedural functions. I found the B2B meetings well-arranged and very updated creating business impression and well organization.”

Political & Commercial Counsellor
Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“It is impossible for me to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to discuss over the potentialities of the Region.  The mission was historic in nature: the first of this kind here in Greece, bringing together commercial counselors of many Embassies and regional businessmen to discuss how we can grow the commercial links to our economic benefit. In my opinion that was the symbolic impact to a new economic cooperation between our countries. The mission I hope will be a milestone of the developing relationship between Poland and Greece. “

Mr. Miroslaw GOJDZ
Counsellor, Head of the Section
Trade and Investment Promotion Section Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Athens

«Με το πέρας της επιχειρηματικής αποστολής των εμπορικών συμβούλων στην Κεντρική Ελλάδα, θα ήθελα να σας εκφράσω τις θερμές μου ευχαριστίες για την πράγματι πολύ οργανωμένη προσπάθεια και υποστήριξη που προσφέρατε στη διοργάνωση των επιχειρηματικών συναντήσεων και business to business meetings της Πρεσβείας της Κύπρου με τοπικούς παράγοντες και εξαγωγείς της περιφέρειας. Με την ευκαιρία αυτή θα ήθελα να υπογραμμίσω ότι τέτοιες διοργανώσεις προωθούν έμπρακτα τον στόχο όλων μας, αφού πέρα από το εμπορικό ενδιαφέρον, συμβάλλουν και στην περαιτέρω σύσφιξη των δεσμών που συνδέουν τις δύο αδελφές χώρες.»

Ιωσήφ Κυπραίος
Επικεφαλής Εμπορικού τμήματος
Πρεσβεία Κύπρου

Ms Νatalia Vlachou
Agro-Nutritional Cooperation of the Region of the Ionian Islands

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