Synergassia visits the Ionian Islands

Synergassia@IonianIslands: Enterprise Greece and Region of the Ionian Islands hold first online Synergassia event

Athens, 18 September 2020 | Enterprise Greece and the Region of the Ionian Islands co-organised the first ever online Synergassia event -- Synergassia@IonianIslands -- on Thursday 17 September aiming to promote investment to the Ionian Islands and showcase local products in foreign markets, attract strong interest from official and diplomatic representatives in Greece and abroad.

Participants included among others representatives of foreign embassies, Greek embassies and trade offices abroad, from countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa and Portugal, along with representatives of the regional government and business community.

The Synergassia program is designed to highlight the special comparative traits and advantages of the various Greek regions and showcase them to foreign diplomats and other officials stationed in Greece. Enterprise Greece organizes the events in collaboration with the Greek regional governments, local business chambers and other bodies. Typically, the events also include a visit by foreign diplomats to the Greek region, as well as B2B meetings with Greek companies and targeted  networking opportunities between local and foreign businesses.

Synergassia@IonianIslands is the first digital event in the program. It is also one of the first initiatives with the Ionian Islands Region under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in December 2019 between CEO of Enterprise Greece, Mr Georgios Filiopoulos, the Governor of the Region of Ionian Islands, Ms Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, and the Agri-Food Partnership of the Ionian Islands Chairman and Regional Councilor, Mr Nikolaos Mouzakitis.

Governor Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou participated in the event with a videotaped message where she presented the competitive advantages of the Ionian Islands, highlighting the region’s high quality human resources and rich cultural heritage. She also detailed the strategic plan for the region, which includes upgrading infrastructure, transitioning to clean energy, and supporting entrepreneurship, health services and sustainable agricultural development.

Enterprise Greece CEO Giorgios Filiopoulos said: "This event is part of our agency’s overall efforts in this difficult time, where most trade fairs have been canceled and export promotion events are limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to support every important and innovative effort that helps promote Greek exports and to exploit new tools to boost local communities and businesses. Enterprise Greece, which is moving ahead with fundamental digital transformation, has already implemented a series of webinars, online product catalogs, a newsfeed with the latest developments in international markets, digital events and B2B meetings, as well as online campaigns, including the Support Greek Exports campaign. Our goal is to stand by our exporters and support their efforts more than ever."

Please, download here the Investment Profile of the Region of Ionian Islands.

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