Mission at the Region of Peloponnese

Mission of Foreign and Economic Diplomats to the Region of Peloponnese, 16-20 March 2011

logosynrgThe Synergassia initiative promotes regional Greece. The March 2011 event, which promoted the Peloponnese region, was co-organized with Invest in Greece Agency and the Region of Peloponnese. This Synergassia business mission enjoyed the participation of foreign Economic and Commercial diplomats in Athens and was held from 16 - 20 March 2011. The visit was supported by GNTO and HEPO, in accordance with the Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness’s initiative to coordinate the agencies directly involved in outreach activities. Regional business associations also assisted. The participation of diplomats in this business mission exceeded all expectations and reached the record number, at the time, of 40 participants. 

This Synergassia mission was the first to take place after the new Kallikrates Law, which effectively re-drew the administrative map of Greece’s regions. The mission was launched with an official dinner hosted by Mr. Petros Tatoulis, in honour of the foreign diplomats, on 16 March 2011. Also present at the dinner were the Executive Chairman of Invest in Greece, Mr. Aristomenis (Aris) M. Syngros and the First Vice President of the Chamber of Arcadia, Mr. D. Lucas. Mr. Syngros presented the comparative advantages of the region, highlighting its geographic location, proximity to Athens, natural beauty, and climatic conditions which make the region highly attractive to entrepreneurs interested in investing in the sectors of tourism, renewable energy, and food & beverages. 

On Thursday, March 17, 2011, a seminar on "Development Prospects of the Peloponnese Region” was held. Mr. Petros Tatoulis presented the Region’s strategy and action plan while placing emphasis on the need to transform the region into a model of environmental and developmental sustainability. He added that the region was in need of major projects and that he would therefore try to eliminate any bureaucratic obstacles that investors usually encounter. In closing, Mr. Tatoulis invited investment plans for the Region in waste management, tourism, and any other commercial or business project. The CEO of Invest in Greece, Mr. Christos Alexakis elaborated on the Synergassia Initiative goals, the advantages of the Region, and the objectives set by the Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness for the restart of the Greek economy. Mr. Alexakis said that the objective of this business mission was to familiarise foreign diplomats with the Peloponnese and to distinguish the Region as a unique investment destination for businesspeople of their countries. The list of speakers included, among others, local authorities, investors and the representatives of the University of Peloponnese, who presented the region’s investment opportunities and its comparative advantages in detail. 

On Friday, March 18, the Minister of Regional Development and Competitiveness, Mr. Michalis Chrysochoidis, addressed diplomats and presented an overview of the Ministry’s development plan and the Investment Law. 

Approximately 1,200 individual meetings between diplomats and local entrepreneurs took place in one day, exploring the possibility of cooperation between Greek and foreign companies.

The business mission also included site inspections of local businesses and industries and visits to prominent archaeological sites in the region.

Please download the investment profile of the Region of Peloponnese.

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